Google My Business Messaging via the GMB App

Google My Business is a powerful tool for helping a business get found by potential customers that are looking for their services, and not searching directly by the business name. But Google My Business can do so much more than being a search query result tool. Along with follow options, posting options, menus, and services, […] KEEP READING

Is there a 2020 Social Media Holiday Calendar to Help Me with My Social Strategy?

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Fine Tuning Search Results for Your Local SEO

Now that you’ve claimed and verified your Google My Business listing and have started to write your own business directory citations, it’s time to start the tune-up and enhancement process of your Local SEO presence. Just like a fine-tuned racing machine or well-conditioned athlete, your local SEO presence requires constant monitoring and improvements so that […] KEEP READING

How to Communicate Business Changes to Your Customers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has the world facing a lot of uncertainty right now, and many people are unsure of what the future will look like for their businesses. Many business owners are facing drastic changes in the way business is being conducted. These changes have affected everything from orders to close temporarily, a lack of […] KEEP READING

How to Update Your Google My Business Listings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In an effort to mitigate negative consequences for business owners that have needed to shift their priorities due to COVID-19, Google has temporarily limited Google My Business functionality. Though these changes were implemented to help, they may cause some confusion and difficulty in managing Google listings for already over-encumbered business owners. Currently, customers cannot leave […] KEEP READING

5 Tips for Franchise Reputation Management During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has upended nearly everyone’s personal and professional lives in a very short time. With concerns about risking illness, many are opting to stay home, and many businesses have been ruled nonessential and ordered to close temporarily. This leaves businesses in a tough spot; whether or not they have been forced to […] KEEP READING

How Franchise Owners Can Catch More Mobile Users Online

The Internet changed the way people consume information, from researching the best place for an oil change to deciding where to have dinner. More consumers are online than ever before, and in recent years, mobile has surpassed desktops as the preferred way to search the web. Franchise marketing is all about consistency, which affects not only the […] KEEP READING

Google Maps Turns 15

Last month, Google Maps established 15 years of service, marking a milestone in the platform’s history. So to celebrate, Google has released additional features for the Google Maps App, available on Android and iOS. These features include:     Explore – A local search map with additional listings featured, including hotels, upcoming events, as well […] KEEP READING

Google My Business Posts: Related to your search & new features

Google has presented a new round of updates for the Google My Business posts feature, including a carousel for multiple images and videos as well as a new feature for Product Posts. These are new and exciting features that are sure to drive actions on the Google My Business platform, as the ability to influence […] KEEP READING

Why does a 100-year old Sales Funnel make sense?

Every business needs customers to succeed and consistent sales to grow, whether you sell products or services online, from a retail storefront or both. If you’re struggling to find customers or if you have plenty of leads, but they’re not converting, you may need to try a different tactic. Successful businesses have a strategy that […] KEEP READING