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Google Keyword Planner Not Showing Marijuana Results? Here are Alternatives
Over the past week, Google’s Keyword Planner tool has been restricting users from getting keyword data on terms related to marijuana, including medical marijuana, MMJ, dispensary, cannabis, and weed. At our agency, we do a lot of marketing for medical marijuana companies, so it’s kinda a pain. There’s no benefit for Google to provide SEOs [...] KEEP READING
How Fast Should A Website Load?
We probably don’t have to tell you that your website loading time is a critical factor in more ways than one, but how fast is fast enough?  Average page load time plays a pivotal part in everything from your search ranking to user experience. And when it takes too long for your page to finish [...] KEEP READING
How to Use Robots.txt to Allow or Disallow Everything
At first glance, the robots.txt file might look like something reserved for only the most text-savvy among us. But actually, learning how to use a robots.txt file is something anybody can and should master. And if you’re interested in having precision control over which areas of your website allow access to search engine robots (and [...] KEEP READING
Should You Pay for Google Reviews? Risk vs Reward
Should You Pay for Google Reviews? Absolutely not. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can talk about why paying for Google reviews is easily one of the most misguided decisions you could ever make for your business.  Not only is buying good reviews considered illegal under federal law, but it’s also [...] KEEP READING
How to Submit a Site to Search Engines in 2022
Getting your website indexed by Google and other search engines can be an effective way of driving free traffic to your website. But you might wonder:How do I submit my website to search engines? The short answer is: it depends on the search engine. The longer answer is to follow specific steps for each. Should [...] KEEP READING
Foot Traffic and Your SEO Campaign: Why Marketing Matters
From the earliest beginnings of a business, figuring out how to attract a steady stream of traffic has been one of the primary challenges faced by every retailer. And now that modern consumers have more options than ever, figuring out how to drive traffic to your store has never been more important.  Foot traffic is [...] KEEP READING
A Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update
Nearly a decade ago, Google debuted a major update to their algorithm, aiming for manipulative link-building practices and link spam – and the rest, as they say, was history. Officially known as the Google Penguin Update, the webspam algorithm forever changed the way websites are ranked by Google. Before it was released, link volume was [...] KEEP READING
8 Effective eCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Store Traffic
Ecommerce retailers need to focus on SEO even more than the average business. If increased traffic directly impacts your bottom line, which it certainly will, eCommerce SEO needs to be an absolute priority when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. In fact, with online stores, you could be looking at the potential to double [...] KEEP READING
How to Get Backlinks
If you want to implement a successful search strategy that drives traffic to your website, there are two words you need to know now: Relevance Authority And we don’t mean just knowing what the words themselves mean; we’re talking about understanding them as key ranking factors and the building blocks of an effective SEO strategy.  [...] KEEP READING
SEO vs PPC – Adwords: Pros and Cons of Both
When you’re working with a limited digital marketing budget and need to maximize your return on investment, being prepared to make informed decisions is key. And even once you reach a level of success that allows you to invest far more in advertising, cost-effectiveness will likely always be a top priority. One of the most [...] KEEP READING