Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media is the word-of-mouth of the 21st century and can put your company in direct contact with existing and potential customers. In modern business, it’s essential that your brand be on social media to give your company maximum visibility and increase traffic to your website.

Social media platforms have exploded, leaving many business owners trying to figure out how to leverage them to increase revenue. V Digital Services uses the best practices on these platforms to micro-target marketing campaigns, produce engaging content, and increase visibility of brands with direct response advertising. Are you ready to make some money? We offer both short- and long-term social media advertising campaigns.

Doing It Right

With an enhanced understanding of how your customers engage on social media, we can create micro-targeted campaigns on your behalf, reaching a hyper-relevant segment of your customers.

Build a better brand

Social advertising utilizes the most powerful form of influence — word-of-mouth marketing from trusted sources. Create more loyal customers as your fans suggest your content to their friends and peers

Hit the target

With the ability to target specific groups of people — or even specific individuals — our social advertising efforts will enable you develop a rapport with customers by delivering regular, relevant updates and brand messages

Listen and learn

By giving your customers the chance to communicate directly with your company through suggestions, comments and questions, you’ve just increased your brand awareness through native advertising. The truth is that your fans are already talking — are you ready to listen?

What do you get with Social Media Advertising?

  • A custom social media presence
  • New tabs to promote engagement
  • An integrated social and SEO presence
  • A new/enhanced outlet for sales and promotions
  • Additional platforms for running custom contests
  • Social profile monitoring
  • In-depth reporting

Are you ready to sell your products and services to a targeted audience?


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Citations are mentions of the business name address and phone number (NAP) on placements like online directories and websites. Search engines like Google consider a citation as a vote for the local business. The more relevant the citations are better.
Google does not report on keyword ranking for local business listings. The information provided by Google will include the number of views and clicks your listing have generated over a specific time period.
Services areas are built out by a mile radius from your location, cities or zip codes. Each area needs to be added to the GMB listing and will aid in "near me" searches related to your categories.
Accurate NAP info, quality citations strategy, positive online reviews and an optimized website will be the base for your ranking success. Other practices such as producing content on your blog and interacting on social media will be your next step. Reach out to our specialists to learn more.

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