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What Does a Content Marketing Strategy Look Like For Franchises?
In today’s world, franchise content marketing is an essential component of your business. Gone are the days when the only way of advertising was to hang a sign outside of your establishment and knowing that word of mouth for exemplary service would bring in more customers. Now, businesses must use a multifaceted approach to increase [...] KEEP READING
Franchise Marketing: Pros and Cons for Location-Specific Content
Franchise marketing is an ever-changing world that’s become increasingly multi-faceted in recent years, particularly due to the growing world of digital and content-based marketing. As the focus shifts from a more generalized message at the national or regional level to one that’s customized for the local markets of individual franchisees, many business owners are rethinking [...] KEEP READING
What is the Best SEO URL Structure for Multi-Location Websites?
Connecting with consumers online is now more important than it has ever been before for generating traffic and interest in the average small business. Well over half of nationwide businesses’ successful marketing strategies happen online, through social media and their own professional websites. Studies show that 72 percent of consumers who complete a search for [...] KEEP READING
Franchise Businesses and Social Media: Starting Social Media & Managing Multiple Profiles
With the popularity of social media among consumers today, it is critical that businesses have a robust online presence to reach and interact with their customers and followers. For franchise businesses who already struggle with brand consistency, lead generation, and onboarding issues, using social networks effectively is even more challenging, as the smallest mistake can [...] KEEP READING
Essential SEO Components of a Search Engine-Friendly Franchise Location Page
Essential Components of a Search Engine-Friendly Franchise Location Page Search engine optimization has its own unique issues and challenges for franchise businesses. Not only are you part of a chain competing for traffic regionally or nationally, but you are also competing locally with other franchisees. Making franchise SEO an essential part of your marketing strategy [...] KEEP READING
How to Execute a Localized Digital Strategy for a National Franchise Brand
Digital is the name of the game in the world of marketing and has been for quite some time. Thanks to digital marketing techniques, even the smallest brands have been able to attract new customers, build lasting relationships, and expand their reach. This is easy enough for companies that operate on either a national or [...] KEEP READING
Fine Tuning Search Results for Your Local SEO
Now that you’ve claimed and verified your Google Business Profile listing and have started to write your own business directory citations, it’s time to start the tune-up and enhancement process of your Local SEO presence. Just like a fine-tuned racing machine or well-conditioned athlete, your local SEO presence requires constant monitoring and improvements so that [...] KEEP READING
Utilizing Social Media Staff as a Small Business Owner
If you actively manage your business’s social media accounts, the chances are that you are familiar with your customer’s expectations and have a good idea of what to expect and how to respond. However, being in the midst of a global pandemic can throw all of this out of the window. For business owners, this [...] KEEP READING
How to Communicate Business Changes to Your Customers
The continuously changing business scenario means that information online may become outdated quickly, leaving customers confused and causing you to miss opportunities to conduct business that are crucial at this time. Now more than ever, it is critical that you take a proactive approach to update your customers with any changes to your business. Update [...] KEEP READING
5 Tips for Franchise Reputation Management During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has upended nearly everyone’s personal and professional lives in a very short time. With concerns about risking illness, many are opting to stay home, and many businesses have been ruled nonessential and ordered to close temporarily. This leaves businesses in a tough spot; whether or not they have been forced to [...] KEEP READING