Google My Business Posts: Related to your search & new features

Google has presented a new round of updates for the Google My Business ( now Google Business Profile ) posts feature, including a carousel for multiple images and videos as well as a new feature for Product Posts. These are new and exciting features that are sure to drive actions on the Google My Business […] KEEP READING

How Google Maps Explore Feature Can Benefit Your Business


Google Maps is the world leader for online maps, being used by millions of individuals on a daily basis to help them get where they need and desire to go. In the past year, Google has really put a high emphasis on new end-user engagement features within the maps platform. These new features continue to […] KEEP READING

Why Keeping Google My Business Services During COVID-19 is Important for the Future of Your Business.

GMB During Covid

Google Business Profile Services – Important for the Future of Your Business. Due to the COVID-19 crisis businesses are closed down temporarily, offering limited services such as takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery, or are pivoting quickly to offer solutions/services they may have never offered before. Some businesses are listed as essential and have no choice […] KEEP READING

Manage your Google Business Profile for Multi-location Listings


Google has made a series of distinctions regarding what is termed as “Chain Listings” or “multi-location” Listings otherwise known as Franchises. Think big franchises like Starbucks, Taco Bells, or just about any other brand with 10 or more locations. Chain Listings are listings that have been verified together as part of one brand account and […] KEEP READING

An SEO Guide for Service-Area Businesses

An SEO Guide for Service Area Businesses. Blog Post

Here at V Digital Services, Local SEO is our bread and butter. It is the very foundation of what our entire agency is built on, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it. Over the years, the way people search for local products and services has changed dramatically, and Google’s locally-driven algorithms have changed right along with […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profile and Local SEO Marketing

Google Business Profile and Local SEO Marketing. Blog Post

Google My Business is rebranding to Google Business Profile and what local businesses need to know about optimizing their profiles. According to Google, the most recent buzz around the water cooler is that the Google My Business (GMB) platform is being rebranded and will soon be known as Google Business Profile (GBP) to “keep things […] KEEP READING

Understanding Google My Business New Insights Screen

Understanding Google My Business New Insights Screen. Blog Post

Google My Business (GMB) Insights? What are these? Do I need to pay attention to them, and what does it do for my business? If you are new to using Google for your business, it may seem like an excessive amount of information to take in. One of the sections in the side panel that […] KEEP READING

Google My Business Messaging via the GMB App

Google My Business Messaging via the GMB App. Blog Post

Google My Business is a powerful tool for helping a business get found by potential customers that are looking for their services, and not searching directly by the business name. But Google My Business can do so much more than being a search query result tool. Along with follow options, posting options, menus, and services, […] KEEP READING

Fine Tuning Search Results for Your Local SEO

fine tuning search results for your local seo

Now that you’ve claimed and verified your Google My Business listing and have started to write your own business directory citations, it’s time to start the tune-up and enhancement process of your Local SEO presence. Just like a fine-tuned racing machine or well-conditioned athlete, your local SEO presence requires constant monitoring and improvements so that […] KEEP READING

How to Update Your Google My Business Listings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Update Your Google My Business Listings During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Blog Post

In an effort to mitigate negative consequences for business owners that have needed to shift their priorities due to COVID-19, Google has temporarily limited Google My Business functionality. Though these changes were implemented to help, they may cause some confusion and difficulty in managing Google listings for already over-encumbered business owners. Currently, customers cannot leave […] KEEP READING