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How to Communicate Business Changes to Your Customers

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The continuously changing business scenario means that information online may become outdated quickly, leaving customers confused and causing you to miss opportunities to conduct business that are crucial at this time. Now more than ever, it is critical that you take a proactive approach to update your customers with any changes to your business.

Update Your Google Business Profile Listing Right Away

Your Google Business Profile listing is commonly the first thing someone will see when they search for a business online. Most people use these listings to check business hours, contact information, reviews, and of course, Google Maps. Many companies are pivoting right now, so you should make sure to update your GBP page immediately with any changes you are making so that your customers are aware of your latest offerings. Here are some examples of why to update your GBP listing:

● Your restaurant is pivoting to offering delivery only during limited hours
● Your store is available for curbside pickup at specific times
● You are only offering online delivery currently
● Your business is temporarily closed or has new operating days
● Updating your listing makes sure you don’t leave your customers wondering why you aren’t answering when your listing says you are open

Being transparent and responsive to your customers can go a long way at this time. Helping your business to stay involved in the community and putting your business in a more secure position once things return to normal.

Use The Google Business Profile Posting Feature

While keeping your local listings up to date is essential, you should also make sure to utilize the other features Google Business Profile has to offer to reach your customers.

Here’s why now is the time to utilize the posting feature;

● These posts stay live for up to two weeks
● They are perfect for updating your customers with details such as what your business is doing to protect your customers’ and employees’ health, alerting customers of temporary closing, new products or services being offered, and other essential information
●Though some limitations have been put into place regarding leaving and responding to reviews, Google Business Profile posting is still available. While it has always been valuable, it is currently the best means of communication possible through the GBP platform.

Be Active on Social Media

With a stay-at-home order and work-from-home policies in place, people are spending a lot more time on social media, and if you have been lax about updating your social platforms, now is the time to get everything up to date. Social media is a great way to keep your customers informed of any changes to your business. Still, it also presents an opportunity to engage with them on a personal level. Keeping a positive and reassuring presence is helpful to safeguard against alienating your customers when making changes to your business. Additionally, social media allows your customers to comment and ask questions, presenting further opportunities to engage with them and to keep them informed. With limits placed on Google’s review functionality, replying to comments and messages has become even more critical. It shows your customers that you are invested in your community and care to keep them informed.

Harness Power of The Press Release

You can gain media attention even during this coronavirus pandemic for your business. One press release can reach thousands in your region or millions nationally. The media is looking for nonpolitical stories to tell right now, it’s time to add your business to the conversations.

A press release can do phenomenally well – why?

• Newsworthiness, the media is especially looking for human interest stories right now around how businesses are surviving or not during the pandemic.
• Easy to understand, right now consumers are looking for easy-to-follow news about their area businesses or online shops, so they are informed about where to go for purchasing needs.
• Positive stories, for example, helping restaurants’ staff, the media is especially interested in anything positive coming out of the pandemic. Time to tell your story!
• Making a difference is important; this is a time when charity or community activity is essential to talk about. How is your business lending a hand in the community right now? The media wants to hear from you.

Update Your Website and Company Blog

Updating the business hours on your website in an environment where they are shifting and subject to change at any moment may be unrealistic. Your website should be updated with any long-lasting changes, such as temporary closures or different products or services being offered. This will help to prevent site visitors from losing confidence when they see outdated information. If you have a company blog, share information there as well. Engaging with your customers, wherever they are, is key to keeping them informed of important changes to your business.

V Digital Services to Keep Your Business Connected to Your Customers

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Updated December 2023

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