How to Update Your Google My Business Listings During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In an effort to mitigate negative consequences for business owners that have needed to shift their priorities due to COVID-19, Google has temporarily limited Google My Business functionality. Though these changes were implemented to help, they may cause some confusion and difficulty in managing Google listings for already over-encumbered business owners. Currently, customers cannot leave […] KEEP READING

Expanding Your Franchise: Marketing for New Locations (Updated for 2022)

Updated Date: May 18, 2022 So you’ve built a brand that people love, and now you’re ready to expand to new markets with the help of a franchise. How do you go about finding a franchisee who shares your vision? In many cases, the key to finding a franchisee to work with is promoting your […] KEEP READING

Local SEO for Franchises: Essential Franchise SEO Strategies (Updated for 2022)

Updated Date: May 17, 2022 You’ve probably been hearing about SEO for businesses quite a bit lately, but as a franchise owner, how does SEO apply to your business? The simple truth is that there are important additional steps to take if you want your franchise to stand out from the crowd. To truly shine […] KEEP READING