An SEO Guide for Service-Area Businesses

An SEO Guide for Service Area Businesses. Blog Post

Here at V Digital Services, Local SEO is our bread and butter. It is the very foundation of what our entire agency is built on, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it. Over the years, the way people search for local products and services has changed dramatically, and Google’s locally-driven algorithms have changed right along with […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profile Posting and How It Can Help Your Business

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Every single day the digital space gets more and more competitive, and the challenge to grab customers and showcase your business becomes increasingly difficult. That is why it is essential to take any action possible to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Google’s posting feature is one of those actions you should be taking. What […] KEEP READING

New Features Released for Google Business Profile

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New Features from Google Business Profile Follow Feature, Short names, Take Control Of Profile Images, Add a permanent logo, & Welcome Offers By: Taylor Basemore Since the debut of Google Business Profile 5 years ago, there are over 150 million businesses that take advantage of the tool. Google has released a load of updates from […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profiles Unveil Chat Functionality

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Have you ever searched for a business online only to find that you’re not sure if it’s exactly what you need? Apparently, this problem has become so widespread for internet users that Google has decided to roll out a new chat feature on their Google Business Profiles. This chat function will allow wary searchers to […] KEEP READING