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Understanding Google Business Profile New Insights Screen

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Google Business Profile (GBP) Insights? What are these? Do I need to pay attention to them, and what does it do for my business?

If you are new to using Google for your business, it may seem like an excessive amount of information to take in. One of the sections in the side panel that GBP offers you is an insight tab. The Insights section breaks down with graphs and numbers how your page is ranking over the last year or month over month in a year.

When you are in the Insights section, the first box/panel on the top has excellent information broken down in layman’s terms. This section breaks out the time period, interactions, calls, messages, people viewing your business profile, and trigger words guiding people to your profile.

What do All Interactions tell me?

All interactions show you (with your selected time period) how many people have interacted with your Google Business Profile (GBP) displayed with a line graph. The graph shows you how many people over the selected period are searching and interacting with your GBP. Each section on the graph allows you to click on the dot associated with each month to see how many people interacted with your GBP page.

How People Discover you

The “how people discover you” section breaks out into two sections: People who have viewed your business profile breakdown and searches triggered by your business profile.

People Viewed your Business Profile

This section offers you the platform and device breakdown of how your page is viewed. The device breakdown section lays out the data with a circle graph and written data in an easy-to-read way. The data breaks out Google search results for general search and maps on both mobile devices and desktops. This is always an interesting breakdown helping you understand how the data is viewed. The numbers broken out give you the total number of data and a percentage.

Pie chart of how customers search for your business in Google Business ProfileSearches Triggered your Business Profile

At the top, you will see how many people were guided to your GBP based on keywords that they typed into Google. This section gives you a top five view, with a drop-down pane to see all keywords that have guided anyone to your business. By each keyword is a number showing the number of times that word has been searched for and brought someone to your GBP page. This section could help you better format performance overall (categories) to promote your business.

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