Google Maps Turns 15

Google Maps Turns 15. Blog Post

Last month, Google Maps established 15 years of service, marking a milestone in the platform’s history. So to celebrate, Google has released additional features for the Google Maps App, available on Android and iOS. These features include:     Explore – A local search map with additional listings featured, including hotels, upcoming events, as well […] KEEP READING

Major SEO Updates We’ve Seen Impact Local Businesses

Major SEO Updates Weve Seen Impact Local Businesses into 2020. Blog Post

Major Local SEO Updates We’ve Seen Impact Local Businesses  In the world of online business, staying competitive requires that you keep up with the latest SEO updates and trends. The digital marketing landscape is always changing, and there is proof of that. During this period, there have been major changes impacting local businesses. The new […] KEEP READING

What is Service-Based Business Marketing?

What is Service Based Business Marketing

Updated Date: June 13, 2022 Customer acquisition and retention all cycles back to the quality of your marketing. No matter what type of business you run, your ability to reach customers can be the driving factor that increases sales. However, not all marketing efforts are created equal. Service-based business marketing is designed to address the […] KEEP READING

Products feature of Google Business Profile | When, Why & How to Use It


Google Business Profile has added to the growing online tool bag of business owners by adding a product feature to the platform. Businesses that want to showcase their products without having to navigate to a website can build out the product menu with images, content and much more. This menu is located on the knowledge […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profile now limits service area zip codes


As many of us know, a lot of businesses don’t simply operate out of one specific location. Some provide services at multiple locations such as AC service providers, plumbers, lawyers, etc. Other businesses might provide services in and outside of their main location such as restaurants that carter, pizza delivery, mobile medical services and so […] KEEP READING

How Google Business Profile is Using Photo Content

How Google Business Profile is using photo content. Blog Post

RELEVANT GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE PHOTOS ARE NOW PRESENTED TO BROWSERS USING KEYWORD SEARCHES! Photos are one of the top aspects when presenting a business to the general public. Photos can either draw in massive sales or they can keep online searchers from giving your business the time of day. Images can potentially make or break […] KEEP READING

Can you self manage Google Business Profile without an Agency ?

Can you self manage Google Business Profile without an Agency Blog Post

I have been working with over 400 Google Business Profile clients, working to make sure they rank locally above position 10, ideally, ranking in the local 3-pack, for some time now. I am often asked the same questions; “what do you do,” “how do you do it,” “can’t I just do this all myself”? The […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profiles Unveil Chat Functionality

google my business pages unveil chat functionality 1

Have you ever searched for a business online only to find that you’re not sure if it’s exactly what you need? Apparently, this problem has become so widespread for internet users that Google has decided to roll out a new chat feature on their Google Business Profiles. This chat function will allow wary searchers to […] KEEP READING

Google’s New Website Builder Aims to Bring More Small Businesses Online

google website builder

In a bid to earn more small business users, Google has recently launched a new website-building tool. This new tool works hand-in-hand with the company’s existing Google Business Profile platform and it is designed to help small businesses gain a web presence with minimal resources and investment. How It Works Most companies already know that claiming […] KEEP READING

The Effect of Google’s Possum Update on Mobile

effect of googles possum update on mobile

Updated Date: May 23, 2022 On September 1st, something very important in the Local SEO industry occurred. Google changed the rules for how results will be displayed in Search and Map results for Businesses by releasing their new update, Possum, as it’s been called by the Local SEO community. Analysis is still early regarding what […] KEEP READING