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Google Business Profile now limits service area zip codes

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As many of us know, a lot of businesses don’t simply operate out of one specific location. Some provide services at multiple locations such as AC service providers, plumbers, lawyers, etc. Other businesses might provide services in and outside of their main location such as restaurants that carter, pizza delivery, mobile medical services and so on.

This is one of the huge benefits of utilizing the ‘Service areas’ section within a Google Business Profile listing. Each listing provides it’s user a service area feature indicating area radiuses that a business owner would be willing to travel out to for provided services.


This has provided a huge benefit to the business owners that provide services purely offsite.

Not only are you able to add entire cities and districts to your GBP’s service areas but you can also add postal codes, neighborhoods, or other areas that you serve as well. Some big cities might be too expansive for certain business owners to cover. Adding specified locations can be exceptionally helpful to the new business owner who might not be able to travel out a great distance to provide services right away.

Limited Service Areas

On November 5th Google limited the amount of service area options one can add to their GBP listing. 20 service areas are now the limit for what Google will allow for.

This might be worrisome to some business owners who find they need many service areas implemented.

However, 20 areas still provide a wide amount of options for GBP users. 

Many users can get stuck into the mindset of adding one specific type of service area. Some GBP users still only add cities. Others might only be adding entire counties. And this method can still work well for many. However, those who add wider service areas from the distances they can actually cover can cause some prospective customers/clients to be displeased.

What can help is narrowing down the service areas more directly. Zipcodes, for example, are great for narrowing down sections within the city or cities one might service. If a zip code area is smaller than the area you service another option might be the town/district areas. Utilizing town areas is another great method to section off areas within the GBP.

Utilizing these methods can help you to not overly add service areas to your GBP and yet help to add not too few. Providing the most accurate information you can to your GBP will help your business in the short and long run and the same goes for service areas.

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