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Google’s New Website Builder Aims to Bring More Small Businesses Online

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In a bid to earn more small business users, Google has recently launched a new website-building tool. This new tool works hand-in-hand with the company’s existing Google Business Profile platform and it is designed to help small businesses gain a web presence with minimal resources and investment.

How It Works

Most companies already know that claiming your business page on Google is an important part of building your local SEO strategy. The skilled Local SEO team at V Digital Services can help you do just that and also enact other strategies to improve your local web presence.

Once you’ve claimed your business page on Google, the Google Business Profile website builder will ask if you are ready to start building a site. From there, it walks you through the steps to create a simple one-page website.

What to Expect

With this tool, Google seeks to compete with other website creation services. To do so, the Google website builder features a simple user interface with a handful of changeable options and text boxes.

The site builder allows users to put together a quick one-page website with images and text to look moderately professional. The templates make it easy to arrange items and fill in the blanks, although – as you might expect – the end result has something of a cookie-cutter feel.

Why Your Business Needs a Better Web Presence

For those business owners who are overwhelmed by technology and struggling to break onto the Internet, Google’s new tool can provide a simple way to get started online. However, is a bare minimum website enough to compete in today’s digitally-driven economy? Absolutely not!

A quick one-page website is better than nothing, but it simply cannot compare to or compete with a professionally-produced, multi-page website that is rich in imagery and carefully curated, useful content. It’s like the difference between a simple peanut butter sandwich and a beautiful, delicious and nourishing three-course meal.

V Digital Services

At V Digital Services, our experienced web developers are experts at creating robust, content-rich, and user-friendly websites for small businesses – and doing so at a great price.

To learn more about our website design and creation services, contact V Digital Services today. We can help your company do much more than the bare minimum to achieve a web presence that will truly stand out in your industry and drive more traffic to your business.


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