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Google Business Profiles Unveil Chat Functionality

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Have you ever searched for a business online only to find that you’re not sure if it’s exactly what you need? Apparently, this problem has become so widespread for internet users that Google has decided to roll out a new chat feature on their Google Business Profiles.

This chat function will allow wary searchers to use a chat box to ask questions about the business in question before they make a phone call that might be a waste of their time. 

How It Works

Google Business Profile Pages Unveil Chat Functionality

First things first – you need to turn on the new messaging feature in your Google settings. Simply go into your Google Business Profile and on the admin page you will see a box that says “Message with Customers.” When you click on this button it will take you to a set-up screen, which will include putting in a phone number where messages can be sent directly to your phone. 

Now when customers look up your business on Google, it will show your regular business page listing with the option to call, email or message right at the top. They can click on message and can instantly send a text to you with their question. The text will come to whatever phone number you put into the setting so you won’t be tied to your desktop computer waiting for messages. 

Value to You

Google Business Profile Pages Unveil Chat Functionality

You may be wondering why this new feature really matters to you. The fact is that more and more consumers like being able to send a message and come back to it later. They don’t want to be stuck on hold calling your business only to find out that you don’t have the product or service they need.

By allowing them to text, they feel that they can form a more personal relationship with your business, which has positive implications for your customer service. It’s just one more way that Google is trying to enhance your business’ performance through their platform. 

The key to becoming successful with this new feature is still getting your business’ name to the top of Google’s search results. While this may serve as an extra cherry on top for customers who are searching, you have to do the legwork of creating great SEO results first.

To learn more about how V Digital Services can help you with your SEO strategy, visit us online today or speak with one of our experts. Once your business has made it to the front page you will be able to take full advantage of this new and exciting feature.