What are H1 Tags and Why are they Important to SEO?

What are H1 Tags Blog Post

SEO – and digital marketing in general – is both an art and a science. Luckily, the V Digital Services team is full of talented people that are ready to tackle your digital marketing strategy and make it stronger and more effective than ever. Whether it’s H1 tag optimization that has you puzzled, or you’re ready for a total strategy redo, V Digital Services has you covered.

How Do People Search for Local Businesses?

local business searches

Local business searches are just one of the many factors that can contribute to your marketing success, driving valuable traffic, and building your brand. And while there’s no doubt that you’re already well-aware of the importance of local search traffic, getting your business in front of the right people, at the right time, is no small task.

How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take Blog Post

At V Digital Services, our team of SEO experts is no stranger to questions about the “how” and “why” of search engine optimization. And while there’s always a wide variety of SEO questions to cover, one of the most commonly asked is: How long does it take to see SEO results?

What Do Google’s Quality Standards EAT and YMYL Mean?

seo acronym eat ymyl

By now, the last thing you probably need is another SEO acronym to decipher. But in order to better your business – and your approach to digital marketing – staying on top of SEO is key. And that means making sure that you’re always ready to expand your SEO toolbox with the newest tools and […] KEEP READING

How To Build White Hat Backlinks for Small Businesses

How To Build White Hat Backlinks for Small Businesses 1

Link building is a touchy subject. Just the word “building” sounds manipulative and has a negative ring to it, in some people’s minds. “Earning” links sounds much better, don’t you think? That being said, link building absolutely needs to be a part of your overall SEO strategy because links are arguably still the most important […] KEEP READING

4 Tips for Picking the Right Marketing Agency for Your Franchise

4 Tips for Picking the Right Marketing Agency for Your Franchise 1

Do you need an effective online marketing strategy to grow your franchise business? If so, you already know the ever-changing Internet landscape can leave you dazed and confused. With the right digital marketing agency on your side, you can cut through the clutter and take your company to new heights. The question is this: How […] KEEP READING