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4 Tips for Picking the Right Marketing Agency for Your Franchise

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Do you need an effective online marketing strategy to grow your franchise business? If so, you already know the ever-changing Internet landscape can leave you dazed and confused. With the right digital marketing agency on your side, you can cut through the clutter and take your company to new heights. The question is this: How do you choose a marketer that can do this? Keep reading for tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Relatable


When you hire an agency, you’re entering into a relationship. In business, as in life, relationships go a lot smoother when everyone involved is on the same page. Get familiar with the agency’s philosophy, mission, and background. Gather as much information about the team, culture, and resources to determine whether the marketer aligns with your personality, KPIs, and franchise goals.

2. Adaptable


Developing a marketing campaign is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. An agency shouldn’t be stuck in its ways or use cookie-cutter strategies for every business. Look for a partner who understands franchise SEO and the unique marketing needs of the franchise business model.

For instance, pay-per-click cannibalization is a frequent occurrence among “Zees” that leads to poor search engine results and low ROIs. A competent agency can resolve this problem with a PPC plan that includes clear goals, the right keywords, geo-targeting, and a cooperative relationship with other franchisees in the same territory.

3. Strategic


A good agency devises smart strategies that help you establish your uniqueness in the marketplace. Even though you’re part of a recognized brand, there’s still room for you to stand out in your local area. For example, placing quality, locally-focused content on your website is an effective way to accomplish that goal. When you have SEO and reader-friendly blog posts and articles on your site, you can rank high in search engines and boost site traffic.

4. Market-Focused


A good marketing company knows how to plan and implement an effective multi-location SEO strategy. With the right team on board, they can balance the franchise’s national exposure while boosting local visibility for individual “Zees.” After all, it’s the consumers in your backyard who need to find your business when they conduct their online searches.

Digital marketing for franchisors and franchisees come with its own set of unique challenges. It takes an agency that’s relatable, adaptable, strategic, and market-focused to create a winning campaign for your business. If you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO game-plan, V Digital Services is here to help you. Contact us now to learn more about our franchise marketing solutions.