Google My Business Posts: Related to your search & new features

Google has presented a new round of updates for the Google My Business posts feature, including a carousel for multiple images and videos as well as a new feature for Product Posts. These are new and exciting features that are sure to drive actions on the Google My Business platform, as the ability to influence […] KEEP READING

Digital Marketing KPIs Your Franchise Should Care About the Most

Any good marketer understands the value of analyzing data to maximize the ROI of a digital marketing campaign. Creating key performance indicators allows you to measure the success of your current campaign and helps you determine ways it can be improved. Good KPIs should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound so they can effectively […] KEEP READING

Major SEO Updates We’ve Seen Impact Local Businesses into 2020

Major Local SEO Updates We’ve Seen Impact Local Businesses    In the world of online business, staying competitive requires that you keep up with the latest SEO updates and trends. The digital marketing landscape is always changing, and throughout 2019 is proof of that. During this period, there have been major changes impacting local businesses. […] KEEP READING

Products feature of Google My Business | When, why & how to use it

Google My Business has added to the growing online tool bag of business owners by adding a Products feature to the platform. Businesses’ who want to showcase their products without having to navigate to a website can build out the product menu with images, content and much more. This menu is located on the knowledge […] KEEP READING

Google My Business now limits service area zips to 20 max

As many of us know, a lot of businesses don’t simply operate out of one specific location. Some provide services at multiple locations such as AC service providers, plumbers, lawyers, etc. Other businesses might provide services in and outside of their main location such as restaurants that carter, pizza delivery, mobile medical services and so […] KEEP READING

How Google My Business is using photo content

RELEVANT GOOGLE MY BUSINESS PHOTOS ARE NOW PRESENTED TO BROWSERS USING KEYWORD SEARCHES! Photos are one of the top aspects when presenting a business to the general public. Photos can either draw in massive sales or they can keep online searchers from giving your business the time of day. Images can potentially make or break […] KEEP READING

Can you self manage Google My Business without an Agency ?

I have been working with over 400 Google My Business clients, working to make sure they rank locally above position 10, ideally, ranking in the local 3-pack, for some time now. I am often asked the same questions; “what do you do,” “how do you do it,” “can’t I just do this all myself”? The […] KEEP READING

Voice Search and Google My Business

According to many studies, the integration of voice-assisted technology has gone beyond the initial stages of first use. Now “voice” technology is starting to increase usage in homes and businesses across the country.    Is your business ready for voice? A recent study from estimates that 111.8 million people that live in the US […] KEEP READING

Yelp & Grubhub: Smoke, Mirrors, and Calls

Business Owners beware. Not long after Grubhub’s web domain scandal, featured on the New Food Economy report, they again find themselves on another hot topic. This time, however, they are not alone. Yelp and Grubhub announced a long-term partnership back in mid-2017. In March of 2018, they completed their online ordering integration. This integration should […] KEEP READING

Google My Business Posting and How It Can Help Your Business

Every single day the digital space gets more and more competitive, and the challenge to grab customers and showcase your business becomes increasingly difficult. That is why it is essential to take any action possible to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Google’s posting feature is one of those actions you should be taking. What […] KEEP READING