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How Brand Prominence Impacts Local SEO
Local SEO data indicates 61% of people expect search results to be tailored to their location. People are on the go now more than ever, and they want to find businesses that solve their needs as fast and as physically close to them as possible. To no surprise, Google has rewritten the rules on how [...] KEEP READING
Is It Time for Reputation Monitoring? Key Factors to Consider
Your reputation is everything. That fact is nothing new. What is relatively new, however, is that the details of your reputation are conveniently posted online for future potential customers to consume at their leisure. Do you know what your customers see when they search for you online? That’s why Reputation Monitoring matters. Myriad tools and [...] KEEP READING
Writing SEO-Friendly Local Service Landing Pages
Landing pages are important for any website because they are a visitor’s first impression of the business itself. Having a great landing page is the difference between engaging a visitor or driving them away. But landing pages also play an important role in getting a visitor to your site in the first place. This is [...] KEEP READING
Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Service Businesses
When it comes to the home service industry, the competition is hot and the need for high-quality marketing is pronounced. More and more home service providers have caught on to the need for a strong online presence for their business, but few are taking advantage of all the tools at their disposal. To get the [...] KEEP READING
Google Business Profiles Unveil Chat Functionality
Have you ever searched for a business online only to find that you’re not sure if it’s exactly what you need? Apparently, this problem has become so widespread for internet users that Google has decided to roll out a new chat feature on their Google Business Profiles. This chat function will allow wary searchers to [...] KEEP READING
How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business
Recently, Google announced an all-new feature that will help residents in your service area locate providers for all kinds of home service needs. This includes everything from locksmiths to plumbers to HVAC services. The goal of this new ad feature is to make it easier for homeowners to locate companies that are active in their area [...] KEEP READING
Expanding Your Franchise: Marketing for New Locations
Updated Date: February 8 , 2023 So you’ve built a brand that people love, and now you’re ready to expand to new markets with the help of a franchise. How do you go about finding a franchisee who shares your vision? In many cases, the key to finding a franchisee to work with is promoting [...] KEEP READING
Local SEO for Franchises: Essential Franchise SEO Strategies in 2023
Updated Date: August 17, 2023 You’ve probably been hearing about SEO for businesses quite a bit lately, but as a franchise owner, how does SEO apply to your business? The simple truth is that there are important additional steps to take if you want your franchise to stand out from the crowd. To truly shine [...] KEEP READING
Google’s New Website Builder Aims to Bring More Small Businesses Online
In a bid to earn more small business users, Google has recently launched a new website-building tool. This new tool works hand-in-hand with the company’s existing Google Business Profile platform and it is designed to help small businesses gain a web presence with minimal resources and investment. How It Works Most companies already know that claiming [...] KEEP READING
How to Boost Your Local SEO with Great Content
Perfecting the balance between great content and local relevance is a difficult task. Even marketing professionals sometimes struggle to find the right mix. However, the goal is to make sure that you are creating content that appeals to the broad market, while making it particularly applicable to the people in your immediate surroundings. Knowing Your [...] KEEP READING