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Local SEO for Franchises: Essential Franchise SEO Strategies in 2023

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Updated Date: August 17, 2023

You’ve probably been hearing about SEO for businesses quite a bit lately, but as a franchise owner, how does SEO apply to your business? The simple truth is that there are important additional steps to take if you want your franchise to stand out from the crowd.

To truly shine with local SEO for franchises, you need to enlist the help of a qualified digital marketing professional who can show you the way.

Here are some crucial factors that relate directly to franchise marketing.

Creating Great Local Content

man writing contentYour parent company probably already has a marketing expert curating great content for their main page, but that doesn’t necessarily help you. Google’s algorithm won’t give you any extra points for sharing their content no matter how good it might be.

Thinking of copying their content and adding your city name to make it local? Don’t. Once again, Google will notice that the content is duplicated and you won’t get any help from them.

Instead, you need to create your own content that is focused completely on your local sphere. It may be inspired by content that’s on your parent company’s page, but it shouldn’t be copied.

Get Your NAP Right

Pin on mapNAP stands for name, address and phone number. Google scours the web to see whether or not your NAP information is consistent across every platform you’re using.

From Google Business Profile to Yellow Pages to Yelp, if you are using different phone numbers or addresses you will get down-ranked by Google.

Make sure you are writing your address the same way every time, especially if you have a suite number.

Gathering Feedback

Customer reviewing a businessReviews make the Internet go round, and Google has made sure to include reviews in their ranking algorithms.

For local businesses, reviews can provide a huge boost in rankings, especially if you are working with a well-known brand. In particular, reviews that include your location name provide more ways for Google to localize the content and move you up in their rankings.

Encouraging your customers to leave a review next time they stop by doesn’t cost anything extra!

These are just three of the important ways that local SEO stands out from national marketing efforts. Learn more about all these tried and true SEO best practices for franchises or give us a call, we’re here to help.