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Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Service Businesses

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When it comes to the home service industry, the competition is hot and the need for high-quality marketing is pronounced. More and more home service providers have caught on to the need for a strong online presence for their business, but few are taking advantage of all the tools at their disposal.

To get the most out of your digital marketing for local businesses, you need the help of an expert who can use all of these tools to create an effective campaign across multiple outlets.

Here is a handy list of some of today’s best digital marketing practices. 

Give the Customer Something to Trust

Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Services Businesses

In years past, advertising was all about having the flashiest, loudest ad on the TV or radio. Today, it involves more of a mutual exchange with your clients. They want to feel out your business before they commit to spending money with you and, most of all, they need a reason to trust you. This trust is best established through a great website that is full of helpful information.

Giving customers tips and tricks that they can implement on their own is a way to show them that you value them and their time. These tips and tricks should always be followed by a strong call to action to contact you if they notice problems or have questions about the information you provided. 

Take Advantage of Placement

Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Services Businesses

Several factors affect where your company shows up in search results. With Google Business Profile pages, as well as specialized Google Home Service Ads, you can ensure that your name pops up first when somebody searches for the services you offer.

This is extremely important if someone is experiencing a household emergency that needs immediate attention. They don’t want to scroll through a list of sites and make calls at random. They want to click on the name with a five-star rating that pops up first.

In addition to these tools offered by Google, it is also important that you use localized SEO to ensure that you are attracting customers in your immediate area. 

Be Social

Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Services Businesses

It may seem odd for an HVAC company or plumber to take to Facebook to speak with their customers, but it works. Again, social platforms allow you to give your company a personality that resonates with customers but also makes it easy for you to send out infographics or 30-second tips via video. It also opens up a new messaging platform that makes it easy for customers to contact you via the web when they are in a hurry. 

To implement all of these tools at once, you need the help of a qualified marketing team. They can help you prioritize your marketing strategy and focus on the tasks that earn the highest returns first while building up your social network presence over time.

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Article updated on February 27, 2024