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How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business

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Recently, Google announced an all-new feature that will help residents in your service area locate providers for all kinds of home service needs. This includes everything from locksmiths to plumbers to HVAC services.

The goal of this new ad feature is to make it easier for homeowners to locate companies that are active in their area and contact them immediately when they have a problem. No more scrolling through pages and pages of websites. 

What Are Google Home Service Ads?

How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business

Essentially, when a customer searches for a home service provider such as HVAC repairmen, Google will identify the search as home service qualified. Then, instead of bringing up regular search results, it will place a home service provider box right at the top of the page.

This is a paid ad that includes the name, contact information and customer satisfaction rating of each company. For customers in a pinch, this is the information they need most to set up an appointment and get immediate help. 

What It Means For You

How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business

Early looks at the Home Services feature show great promise. By sharing customer reviews and ratings right at the top of the first page, customers are able to make educated decisions in seconds. It also brings your phone number and contact information right to their fingertips so they won’t have to go digging through your page to find it. Fewer clicks mean more direct phone calls.

What’s most important is that these ads are separate from regular pay-per-click ads and work differently. Thus, if you plan to take advantage of this service you will need to plan accordingly with a separate budget and strategy. You will also need to closely monitor your online reputation to make the most of the rating feature. 

How We Can Help

How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business

Here at V Digital Services, we have been closely monitoring all of the latest developments with Google’s Home Service Ads. We have formulated strategies that will help companies add Home Service Ads to their regular marketing plans that include AdWords and geographical search results.

Home Service Ads are just one more way that we can help grow your business by putting your name in front of customers who really need you. It’s also important to remember that this feature is meant to be used alongside other Google marketing tools to achieve the best results. 

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the new Home Service Ads feature on Google. It is meeting a real need for consumers and can put your HVAC business in the limelight. If you aren’t already using this feature to your advantage, it’s time to start considering how it can help improve your results