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Expanding Your Franchise: Marketing for New Locations

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Updated Date: February 8 , 2023

So you’ve built a brand that people love, and now you’re ready to expand to new markets with the help of a franchise. How do you go about finding a franchisee who shares your vision?

In many cases, the key to finding a franchisee to work with is promoting your franchise to your most passionate fans. In other cases, you need to put together a top-notch presentation to get the word out to local business owners who might be interested.

Here are a few important tips for marketing your franchise.

Create Great Materials

You’ve already learned that quality marketing for your business matters when you’re selling products to consumers. It matters just as much when you’re trying to convince people to buy into your brand on a larger scale. Don’t settle for cheap flyers posted around your shop. Go all in with a solid marketing presentation and high-end brochures.

Use Social Media

Amidst your hundreds of followers, there is always going to be somebody who knows somebody that’s looking for an opportunity. The share-ability of your posts makes it easy for your fans to share the franchise opportunity with entrepreneurs they know. Referrals are one of the largest sources of franchise deals, so you should take advantage of them through these platforms.

Consider What Your Brand Will Become

Before you launch a huge campaign to find a franchisee, consider whether or not your first shop is franchise ready. Is your logo and current marketing materials up to par with what you’d expect from a franchise? Is a potential franchisee going to tour your shop and see a mom-and-pop operation instead of a business ready to expand?

It takes some real soul searching and self-honesty to determine whether or not you’re ready for this step, and you need to be proactive about raising the bar if you want your franchisees to maintain a certain standard of operations.

Learn All About the Franchise Process

When you first advertise that you are looking to open a franchise you will get a great deal of interest from well-meaning fans who “wish they could” be a part of your business. That doesn’t necessarily make them good candidates though.

You need to have a process for sorting out the good from the bad and choosing a partner that really will push your brand to the next level. You should make your requirements clear in your marketing materials so people who are interested will know if they have the right background to apply.

If you’re ready to begin promoting your franchise, contact V Digital Services today. We can help you build a complete franchise marketing package that will appeal to potential franchisees and set the successful standards by which you will grow your brand.

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