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How to Use Google Business Profile Posting to Bring In Customers

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Google Posting for Google Business Profile is a relatively new feature that allows businesses to post original content alongside an image to be displayed in the knowledge panel of their Google Business Profile listing. These posts can be used to showcase content relevant to your business, providing your customers with whatever information you choose; however, how do these posts help to get customers in the door of your business and are they worth the effort? This guide will explore several different strategies for utilizing Google Posts to bring in new customers.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are an optional Google Business Profile feature that provides a chance to characterize your business by creating weekly posts that highlight your products or services, promote events, advertise sales or promotions, or otherwise engage with your customers. These posts allow up to 300 words of content to be displayed alongside an image which when clicked, expands into a full ad-like experience for your customers. These posts can be used in numerous ways to drive consumer engagement, build interest in your company, and ultimately increase the click-through rate of your Google Business Profile listing.

Google Business Profile posts are a valuable communication medium for you to share any business-relevant information that you want your customers to know and provide you with the chance to showcase what makes your business unique, as well as any special offers you are offering or any events you may be hosting. Google Posts expire after seven days and event posts expire when the event has concluded, so it is important to provide consistent content on a weekly basis. However, older posts will still appear alongside your newer posts in a scrollable carousel, so users will still be able to view any previous content you have posted. Also, only 100 of the 300 allotted words per post will be viewable in the Knowledge Panel, so you should keep posts short, personal, and relevant to your audience to best increase your chances of a click-through. Google Posts are currently the best opportunity businesses have to showcase their brand personality and communicate with their customers through their local listings, but what kind of content should you be posting and how do these posts translate into new customers for your business?


Google Posting Strategies

The first step to creating an effective Google Business Profile Post is to ensure that you are utilizing high-quality elements that adhere to Google’s Best Practices for posting. For instance, you should make sure that any photos used in your posts are high quality and no smaller than 400×300 pixels. Additionally, you should center your image, so nothing important accidentally gets cropped out. The content of your post should be informative, relevant to your business, and written in a conversational but professional tone. Furthermore, your copy should be action-oriented and present tense; they should include a clear call to action for your customers to take. Customers are far more likely to engage with and patronize a business that provides clear, relevant information, demonstrates a positive personality, and mirrors their customers’ values.



There are numerous ways in which to utilize and format your Google Posts. One example is to use your posts as a microblogging outlet, sharing current news or other happenings that are relevant to your company. These types of posts are an excellent way to share your brand’s personality while keeping your customers informed with what is happening with your business, providing a sense of transparency while building a positive rapport with your brand. While this is a good strategy for building trust in your brand, it is important that you stay disciplined and keep your posts professional and relevant to your business while providing customers with the information that they need, as opposed to irrelevant or “fluff” content.


“Call to Action” Image

Another Google Business Profile posting strategy that works well for some businesses is to utilize Google Posts as a sort of “Click Here” button, allowing your customers to take action such as booking an appointment with your company, filling out a contact form, or viewing products for sale. These types of posts should include compelling content alongside an image that features an easy-to-read, clearly stated call to action that drives the user to click on the image. This type of post is an inexpensive and effective way to drive traffic from your Google Business Profile listing to your website or any other destination of your choosing.


Highlight Individual Products

Google Posts are an effective way to advertise individual products or services your business offers. While your Google Business Profile page may effectively communicate who you are, where you are located, how to contact you, and what kind of products or services you offer, Google Posts can take it a step farther by showcasing actual products you are currently offering. Not only is this a great way to give customers a “preview” of what they can expect when they click-through to your site, but it also can drive conversions straight from your Google Business Profile page. Make sure to feature your products with clear images and relevant content, and ensure that your posts link to the actual product pages, so users are not confused upon arriving at your site.


Sales and Promotions

An additional effective strategy for Google Business Profile posting is to utilize your post to promote any sales, specials, or promotions your business may be running. You should make sure to utilize the “add a button” feature with these kinds of posts. Ensure that customers are linked to a webpage that is relevant to the promotion that was highlighted in your Google Post. Customers that are led to an irrelevant webpage are highly likely to leave your site altogether, and may even lose trust in your business. Moreover, these kinds of posts can be used to highlight any new products or services your company may be offering, giving customers that are new or existing more reason to choose your company over your competition.


Event Promotion

Google Posts can also be used to highlight any events that your company is hosting or promoting. Not only are these posts helpful in building awareness of your event, but they have the added advantage of staying live until your event has concluded. Make sure these posts link to web pages that are relevant to the event being promoted, and include a compelling image and copy to catch customer attention. Also, make sure to include as much information about the event as possible while staying within the 300-word limit. Promoting events through your Google Business Profile listing is not only a great way to promote your events but also to give customers even more of a reason to visit your business.


Final Thoughts

Google Business Profile Posts can be an invaluable tool in driving traffic and conversions from your business listing, but there are some things you should keep in mind when developing your posts no matter which of the strategies above you decide to use. You should keep in mind that customers viewing your Google Business Profile listing have most likely searched for your business directly, and by name, therefore they are likely to be already aware that your business exists and they probably already know a bit about what sort of products or services you offer. These customers who have specifically sought out your business are at or near the bottom of the customer funnel and are extremely likely to convert. You should keep this in mind when developing your posts and make sure you are giving informed customers whatever information they may need to influence their final decision of whether or not to patronize your business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and determine what they need from you, whether it be further information, extra incentives, or reassurance in your brand. Then, choose a strategy and act on it.

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