The auto industry is highly competitive with a huge number of small to very large dealerships battling to sell that new or used vehicle to a potential buyer. Auto Dealerships need to be in front of consumers at the exact moment they are researching and buying.

V Digital Services’ automotive clients use a variety of our digital marketing solutions. From professional website creation, Organic SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Management and Paid Advertising, V Digital Services offers multiple solutions to these outlets.

No matter what size your marketing budget is, we can help your dealership rank on the top pages of the biggest search engines, expand your social presence while actively listening to consumers who are in the market for a new or used automobile and drive calls and foot traffic to your dealership.

Automotive clients who engaged in an Organic SEO package saw a 77% increase in traffic over the course of six months, a 38% increase in new users and an 83% increase in page views.

Automotive clients with Local SEO services saw a 155% increase in Google Plus Page Views while Clicks for Directions increased by 2000%

Automotive clients engaged in a Social package saw an increase in Facebook likes by 9%, and Twitter followers by 120%.

Automotive clients with Paid services saw a 68% increase in conversions and increased Impressions by 19%.


Appealing to our desire to be the best we can be, Education clients are heavily invested in all elements of digital marketing. Detailed and extensive Organic content is vital to ensure that prospective students have all the information they need to make decisions about their futures. Paid Advertising can vastly expand this reach and empower clients to fully capitalize on trends in various fields and industries.

Social Media allows current students, alumni and enthusiasts to share their experiences. Active listing presents opportunities for engagement via platforms such as, Facebook and Twitter.

As interest and influence grows, Local SEO makes sure that the community knows the caliber of education that is in their own backyards.


More than any other industry, Lawyers and Legal Practices must build confidence in order to attract leads. Our Local optimization services make sure each legal practice is rapidly found for location and area of practice.

Organically, we create blog posts and “Knowledge Base” content pages which allow firms to discuss their trade and their own perspective on law topics and current events.

Our Paid search gives each practice the flexibility to explore different methods to obtain leads without straying from relevant and professional topics.

Our Active Listening methods on Social Media often deliver qualified leads in a personal and trustworthy way that can ripple out to other areas and build credibility for the practice.


Medical clients such as Dentists, Vein Treatment Centers, Dermatologists, Cosmetic Surgeons, General Practitioners and Specialists bring their education and talent into a saturated and competitive market. They must work hard to stand out in the crowd, be unique, solution-driven and trustworthy.

Our Medical clients have seen success with increased page rankings, increased Organic traffic and an increase in inbound calls to set an appointment or schedule treatments.

On average, Medical clients with an Organic package saw a 77% increase in traffic to their website. 38% of this traffic were new users and 88% of lead calls were generated from Organic SEO efforts.

Medical clients that engaged in our local solution saw their Google Plus Page Views increase by an average of 115% while Clicks for Directions or to Call massively increased by 609%.

Medical clients with a Social Media package saw a 18% increase Facebook likes, and a 46% increase in Twitter followers.

Medical clients with Paid Advertisements saw a 150% increase in month-over-month conversions while successfully lowering the cost per click (CPC) by 49%.

Night Clubs

Strategic marketing of nightclubs is focused on creating an exciting and enviable experience.

Social Media is vital to painting this type of picture that potential visitors to the club can share with their friends and family all week long. Our Active listening capitalizes on the types of very personal sharing that many Social Media users engage in across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Paid Advertising works together with our Organic SEO efforts to create success in a highly competitive and diverse market while our Local SEO optimization ensures that an individual nightclub can stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd online.

Organically, our Nightclub clients saw an average of 6.49% increased Organic traffic, a 5.99% increase in new users and a 24.14% increase in page views.

Local search efforts saw Views increase by an average of 157% while Clicks for Directions or to Call increased by 1156%.

Social Media saw Facebook likes increased by 2.22%, Facebook Impressions increased by 9.57%, Twitter followers increased by 3.47% and Instagram followers increased by 4%.


Restaurant clients face unique and difficult challenges that require multiple, coordinated strategies. Specific Organic optimization is necessary to compete with enormous listing and review sites, as well as timely Paid Advertisements to promote specials.

Social content focuses on treating food as an experience and encouraging others to embrace their brand. Continuous audience building like this ensures business all year round, even during slow months.

Above all, Local optimization is a must to make sure that the valuable, “spur-of-the-moment” mobile users know what the “best” choice is in a crowded and competitive niche.

Our restaurant clients saw an average of 43.51% increase in Organic Traffic, a 42.93% increase in page views and a 45.62% increase in new users to their website.

In Local search, our restaurant clients saw Views increase by an average of 34%, while Clicks for Directions or to Call increased by 50%.

On Social Media platforms, our restaurant clients saw Facebook likes increase by 9.68%, an average monthly engagement of 6.83% on Facebook, Twitter followers increase by 83.19% and Instagram followers increase by 25.52%.


The opportunity to offer their products worldwide makes eCommerce and Retail sites a constantly evolving marketing challenge. Paid Advertising is absolutely critical to targeting products and categories to the customers who want them the most.

Organic content, often in the form of product description pages, creates countless opportunities to appear in relevant searches. At the same time, Social Media gives these businesses the chance to build a solid brand presence as satisfied customers share their experiences with products, service, shipping and quality.

Having a platform to directly engage these customers gives a personal feel that customers would typically receive from a traditional retailer.


Service industries exist in extraordinarily competitive markets and they understand the importance of being aggressive in their digital marketing efforts. In a space where brand loyalty often loses to best price, our Local SEO assures that our Services clients will be front-and-center when the need for their expertise arises.

Social Media Management and Paid Advertising both work in different ways to increase brand awareness and build an audience. Opportunities to demonstrate a commitment to customer service abound on social media platforms. Development of Organic content allows the traditionally hasty “elevator speech” to become refined and interesting.

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