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New Features Released for Google Business Profile

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New Features from Google Business Profile

Follow Feature, Short names, Take Control Of Profile Images, Add a permanent logo, & Welcome Offers
By: Taylor Basemore

Since the debut of Google Business Profile 5 years ago, there are over 150 million businesses that take advantage of the tool. Google has released a load of updates from the beginning of 2019, which gave hints to the platform adopting some interactive social media attributes that would compete with brands like Facebook and Instagram. So get ready to adopt the new phrase “Are you on google”?

Google also announced in March over an introduction conference, that the way people search will change due to improvements to bring users the most accurate search results. So instead of searching “night clubs near me,” the search phrase to deliver the more accurate results would be “Where is the nearest night club in Phoenix?” Information about small adjustments and enhancements like this and the few you will read about next give the local businesses an upper hand on targeting their customer pool.

Now You Can Follow Your Favorite Business on Google

Followme GBP

The business with the most followers wins! Originally shared in a blog post on Feb 20, 2019, Andrew Cooper, Product Manager of Google Maps, announced that iOS users could follow their favorite places on Google Maps. That’s huge for businesses to grab those reoccurring fans and incentivize customers to continue supporting the business.

Now with this ability, users can stay up to date on their favorite cafe or live music venue nearby. No matter if the business is old or new, the follow option, allows your customers to see important updates from their followed places. Customers will find these updates in the “For You” tab they can quickly learn about upcoming events, offers, and more.


Now, places and businesses world-wide can see their followers in the Google Business Profile mobile app. You can follow other companies and actively post helpful information and offers for their followers to see. The follow button is currently rolled out and active on the Google Business Profile platform for all users.

Take Control Of Profile Images

For the many business owners that contact Google Business Profile support, one of the biggest concerns is their profile and cover images. By default, GBP listing owners can upload a profile and cover image for their business, but the catch was getting them to stick. As we all know, the first impression is everything to someone on the outside looking in. So it is no wonder why local businesses pride themselves on what images show when their customers are looking for them on the web. Google has put the power of choice into the business owners hands.

Introducing Short Names

Love to scroll through Instagram and Twitter, tagging a favorite artist in a “Triller” video, or favorite basketball player in a meme with Drake from the finals? What better way to mention your favorite business on Google without having to type the full name.

Google has implemented short names, allowing businesses to choose their profile name separate from their business name on google’s knowledge panel. Short names are available to you if you’re a verified business. You can create a custom name, for your Business Profile to make it easier for customers to find you. When you choose to share your short name, customers can also use their URL browser to enter the short name into the address bar, like “g.page/[yourcustomname]. This action will lead any customer directly to your business profile. For businesses that may have a bulk account, the short name has to be chosen individually. This feature is available to most merchants and categories.

Add Your Custom Logo

All this talk about customization, now you can really drive brand awareness with the ability to stamp your business profile with a custom logo for your bar, bakery, or a clothing store. Your logo will display on the top right-hand side of your profile; you need to have completed adding your core information to your profile before your logo is visible to customers. This update will encourage business owners to complete their Google Business Profile profile.

Welcome Offers

Welcome Offers GBPWelcome offers are a new way for business owners to share from their knowledge panel what deals and or first-time customer promotions they may have.

With the power of welcome offers, you can engage with not just your current or regulars, but you can also reach potential customers and make good first impressions. We all love discounts and deals. What better way to show them off than as soon as the customer comes across your listing! Welcome offers create new and engaging ways for business owners to interact with their customers’ likings and track what offers customers look at the most.

So now that you can add a custom logo to your business profile, profile photo and short name, it’s time for business owners to complete their profiles and lead their customers directly to their storefront!

If you find yourself needing more guidance about making the fullest of your business’ GBP page, contact us for a consultation with an expert Local SEO Specialist.