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What Can SEO Do for My Business?

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Organic SEO

Entrepreneurs globally often wonder what SEO can do for their businesses. If you are operating a small brick-and-mortar establishment in your local neighborhood or have a small online site you are seeking to grow, you need to leverage the web wisely. Doing so effectively, will provide a considerable return on your investment.

Now, there are several types of internet marketing that can be done as well as SEO. However, SEO is one of the few methods that can bring a long-term benefit to any type of business. Understanding industry terminology will help you to better communicate regarding your search engine optimization, SEO.

Although Google is the most popular search engine, there are others including Yahoo, Bing, and even DuckDuckGo which more people are using each year. In addition to these giants, some sites provide niche-specific searches which can be useful in some industries. However, for the purposes of learning SEO, Google is currently on top and should be the main search engine you start with.

Happy robot search engineHow Your Business Can Please a Search Engine

You might be wondering now how you please search engines. After all, they are probably not
interested in roses. What they do want is high-quality, relevant, multimedia content delivered on a consistent basis to an identifiable niche audience. They want mobile-friendly pages and images that keep visitors’ attention and provide easy-to-consume information.

In short, they want a site with a great user experience.

Search engine optimization entails various techniques that, when combined, help pages to rank higher for particular searches. This can be done by marking up content that helps search engine crawlers better understand what a given page is about.

Let’s take a look at what happens when a person goes online to find a product, service or information:

Our friend Tommy wants to find a solution to Problem A. He visits a search engine and enters the words “what to do when A happens.” The words our friend Tommy typed in are known as keywords within a search query. Since this is a very specific entry that isn’t probably searched in large volumes (as compared to “Problem A fix” for example), it is known as a long-tail keyword. Another common query that our friend Tommy might use is “How to fix Problem A.”

The possibilities are almost endless; as a study in 2013 found, almost 20% of search queries have never been made before. When it comes to optimizing your website for certain search queries, it is virtually impossible to provide a fresh page for every potential query related to your business. This is one of the reasons why keyword-focused content is essential for your SEO business strategy.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic tools that you can use to identify the terms that will drive traffic to your company. Ideally, your company will show up on the first page of the search engine result pages, or SERPs, for keywords relevant to your business. About 75% internet users never scroll past the first page of results, if your pages are beyond page two, rarely will anyone lay eyes on them.

An effective SEO team with effective strategies can help you get your business ranked highly through proper keyword research, selection and fulfillment. They begin by analyzing your current online business profile and determine what you need to do to get your pages found.

SEO is Complementary With Other Types of Marketing

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There are other types of digital and online marketing that you might already be using. Perhaps you are wondering if you really need to worry about SEO at this point, since your PPC campaign might be driving in a large amount of revenue for your business. The fact is that you can’t afford to not think about SEO, as an eye-tracking study found that 70-80% of users ignore paid ads in the SERPs, while 100% saw the organic listings for their queries. While 20-30% is still a large number, approaching both SEO and SEM as two separate but complementary entities is crucial for success.

When you use tried-and-true SEO strategies for your business, you are establishing your brand as an authoritative voice in the industry, and that in turn provides a solid foundation for your online business reputation. It will bolster your other digital marketing efforts so that your business receives a higher return over your investment. Search engines learn to recognize brands and their power of voice on the web.

It’s known in advertising that a consumer will engage with a brand 20 or more times before making a purchase. If someone regularly seeks information found on your site, and you regularly show on their SERPs, through PPC or programmatic campaigns, they will be more likely to become your customer. Having an effective frequency that complements your overall digital marketing efforts and falls in line with your business’ customer journey is vital for continual growth online.

You can still use other forms of marketing as part of your strategy. The fact is that when you are utilizing your online marketing efforts correctly, they help support the others. This type of synergy will boost your business reputation more than if you were engaging with only one form of marketing.

For instance, on your landing pages, you can include secondary calls-to-action to newsletter sign-up or icons to follow your social media pages, and strengthen your email and social media marketing efforts. These are very popular and easy to install, whether it is through a WordPress plug-in or a simple embed.

Even if visitors from social media don’t make a purchase from you that first day, the chances are that if you have good content, they will keep your brand top-of-mind for the future. Growing your social media presence establishes social proof, brand presence and trust signals that greatly benefit conversion rates.

SEO Helps Your Business Achieve Digital Success

Proactive or Reactive SEO

There are some fantastic SEO success stories out there about companies who were able to implement SEO in order to turn the tide on business difficulties.

In fact, dramatic drops in keyword rankings happen from time to time in the world of internet marketing, even more so in the past year with all the recent updates Google has been rolling out. When Google updates their algorithms, sometimes websites encounter a sudden drop or rise in ranking. Fortunately, most SEO experts are usually aware of upcoming changes and can begin making accommodations beforehand, minimizing the losses when the new method is implemented, and sometimes even leveraging these updates to gain a boost in keyword rankings.

Additionally, these experts have the ability to ensure that all pages are ranking well once the update has gone into full effect.

V Digital Services

Creating a successful business includes smart use of the web. For your internet marketing efforts, you need to invest in search engine optimization as your first, or one of the very first, endeavors. This will provide a solid foundation upon which to build your business reputation.

Contact V Digital Services for expert help in digitally marketing your business with effective SEO strategies. You will be pleased with the return on investment, ROI, your business receives when you target SEO campaigns proactively.

Excellent SEO provides the solid foundation your business needs to thrive now and in the future!