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6 Ways to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

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Maximizing the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign is an important part of any true marketing strategy. However, optimizing AdWords to meet stringent search guidelines and eliminate wasted clicks is a task that requires time, effort and expertise.

A/B Testing

One of the best ways to optimize your AdWords is to do A/B testing early on in your campaign. This allows you to see which ads are getting the most attention, and focus future marketing funds on the ads that earn the greatest returns. You also should make sure your ads are set to rotate indefinitely, rather than only one of your ads getting the majority of playtime. Otherwise your split-testing results could be very misleading.


Another important part of stretching your AdWords budget is making sure your ads are only being shown to people who can use them. This means narrowing your ad displays to only the demographic and geographic areas you serve. Otherwise you could be getting clicks from people outside your service area who immediately bounce.

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Disallow Mobile Apps

You may not realize that a portion of your AdWords displays are actually appearing in applications on mobile devices. This includes games and other services that may or may not be related to your industry. Often times these ads are difficult to click out of and result in many accidental clicks by children and parents alike. This is not the same as blocking mobile search traffic.

Use Long Tail Keywords

An extra layer of protection against wasted clicks, long tail keywords allow you to narrow down your target demographic even further. Plus, long tail keywords are far less competitive, meaning you spend less per click than short tail keywords.

Block Below the Fold

Studies show that nearly 80% of clicks go to the top few search results on a page. Most users don’t even bother to scroll all the way down a page, even if they know the difference between paid and organic results. Thus, if your ads are appearing at the bottom of the page 50% of the time, they probably won’t see much traffic. You ensure that your ads only appear at the top of the page for best results.

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Customize Your Delivery Schedule

Setting up a schedule for your ads to show only during business hours, or switching to accelerated delivery mode to constantly show your ads until your budget is used up are both good ways to optimize your Google ads. Relying too heavily on Google to set a schedule for you could mean that you miss out on your best advertising opportunities.

If you have ever wondered how to optimize your Google Adwords campaign, these are just a few of the most popular methods. Typically they require a thorough understanding of how the AdWords interface works and what to look for. Ultimately, AdWords optimization should be left to a professional like V Digital Services who can coordinate your efforts with the rest of your marketing strategy.