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7 Ways to Reach and Influence Millennials Using Social Media Marketing
For many millennials, social media is a “one-stop-shop” of sorts for news, entertainment, social interaction, education, and just about anything and everything else. With social media firmly established as a staple of millennial life, it’s quickly become a dedicated channel for sales and marketing for all types of brands and businesses. If one of your [...] KEEP READING
Social Media KPI’s You Should Be Paying Attention To
Social media is a game-changer for how business is conducted online by leveling the playing field for small to medium-sized businesses. Today, it’s easier for small companies to compete with large corporations. We no longer live in the days where the “big guys” have a competitive edge over the “little guys” simply because they can [...] KEEP READING
Guide To Growing Your Business on Twitter
Twitter is everywhere. It’s how the world’s population communicates their ideas, problems, thoughts, feelings and lifestyles to the masses. Sure, there are still the traditional forms of media, but Twitter has revolutionized communication. It’s a never-ending conversation on all of the globe’s topics and it is displayed across all forms of media. There are 500 [...] KEEP READING
Grow Your Business and Gain New Customers with Spanish Ad Campaigns
Before a future business owner considers breaking ground on the site of a new location or launching a new site, they dedicate countless resources and their time to researching and understanding key demographics about their target market. From average income, population densities, culture and race, median age, number of families, crime rates to average dogs [...] KEEP READING
Your Social Media 2023 Marketing Calendar
Creating Your Social Media 2023 Marketing Calendar It’s time to rev up your social media marketing engine for 2023! And what better way to kick things off than by creating a solid marketing calendar? At V Digital Services, we understand the value of a well-planned calendar for social media success. That’s why we’re excited to [...] KEEP READING
Engagement-Boosting Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
In the age of the Internet, word of mouth is a powerful marketing source. Capturing the average user’s attention for approximately 135 minutes a day in 2017, social media posts are the modern version of watercooler conversations, multiplied by millions and reaching across the globe. With more people logging on than ever before, it’s the [...] KEEP READING
Social Customer Service Matters More Than You Think
Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with calling an automated 1-800-number to access a brand’s customer service department. Instead, they have become accustomed to having the option to utilize a broad range of tools, such as messaging apps and social media platforms, to address their questions and concerns. They don’t appreciate an option for customer [...] KEEP READING
Tips to Increase Your Facebook’s Organic Reach
When it comes to successful social media marketing, figuring out how to boost (and sustain) engagement is key. And particularly when you’re using Facebook for business, nurturing engagement can be one of the best ways to extend your organic reach and solidify your online presence. An engaged online audience wants to interact with your brand [...] KEEP READING
Online Reputation Management
Maintaining a good reputation has always been a foundational component of building a successful business. But nowadays, your brand’s reputation goes much further than the conversations taking place in your local community – in our digital era your online reputation can make or break your business. What is an Online Reputation? Your online reputation is [...] KEEP READING
25 Ways to Grow Your Brand’s Social Media Presence
Social media has grown into a massively powerful wave in the world of digital marketing, with brands riding it all the way to serious online success. And if you aren’t ready with a strategy of your own, you can easily be washed away by your competitors – so let’s get to it. We’ve created one [...] KEEP READING