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Grow Your Business and Gain New Customers with Spanish Ad Campaigns

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Before a future business owner considers breaking ground on the site of a new location or launching a new site, they dedicate countless resources and their time to researching and understanding key demographics about their target market. From average income, population densities, culture and race, median age, number of families, crime rates to average dogs per home. Leveraging this data is the difference between success and failure for any new business.

With so many questions surrounding the start of a new business or the growth of an established one, there’s a crucial question that’s not always asked:

What language do my customers speak?

Spanish Language on the Rise in the United States

From coast to coast and in virtually every major city in America, you would be hard-pressed to find a street that isn’t part of a multi-cultural community. Today, we’re talking Hispanics and Latinos. Across the United States, Spanish speakers are on the rise.

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are more than 37 million Spanish speakers in the country – a figure that has grown 230% since 1980! Most are homegrown – born and raised in first-, second- and third-generation Mexican families influenced by a strong immigrant population (ESL classes helped write this article).

US map of Spanish speakers2014 Hispanic Population Estimates In the United States | Pew Research Center

If your business plans to open-up-shop in any highlighted areas of the map, you should be thinking about Spanish language marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you may be missing out on an untapped source of loyal customers online.

According to the Pew Research Center study, thanks largely to Immigrants and Spanish-language-dominant Hispanics, we’re living in a rare moment in history as the digital divide between Hispanics and whites has narrowed to its smallest gap since 2009.

It’s a mobile culture as well, with Hispanics as the group most likely to own a smartphone, live in a home without a landline connection and where the smartphone is the primary mobile device used to access the internet. 80% of this group accesses the internet from a smartphone and not a home computer.

Like other internet users, Spanish-dominant users searching the web have four unique moments online:

I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, I-want-to-buy. They’re just doing it in Spanish.

Top verticals for Search

Working over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work with doctors, lawyers, landscapers, plumbers, electronics store owners – you name it, and I’ve most likely built an ad campaign for it. No matter the vertical, we always seemed to find a fulfillment strategy to match their budgets and finding English language users was never difficult.

With Spanish users, we have to play where we can win. Though Spanish-language traffic is clearly on the rise and expected to continue its growth, not every business is a candidate. You could, wait to gain years of experience in the PPC world memorizing millions of search terms and trends, or just use your trusted Adwords Keyword Planner.

“Lawyer practicing Immigration, Family, Accident or Criminal Law.” “Family doctor.” “Home repair services.” “Local events.” “Consumer electronics” and more – you’ll find it all in Keyword Planner.

For example: Valley Family Health has recently decided to start a marketing push promoting “Se Habla Español” for all of their clinics across Los Angeles county.  They’re goal is to gain brand recognition with Spanish users and sign up new patients. The good news is there are just over 2 million Hispanics in Los Angeles County, so reach is plentiful for this vertical.  Best news saved for last: Spanish CPC are notably less expensive than their English counterparts. In this case Spanish keywords’ CPC range is $0.59 to $2.75 max, while English max CPC’s could exceed $6 for this vertical. Nobody is going to argue with 50% lower cost!

Average monthly searches graphKeyword phrases include: clinicas medicas, oficinas medica, doctores familiares, doctor para ninos, centro medico, centro de salud, oficina de doctores, doctores cerca de mi.

Even after excluding dozens of negatives and several calibrations, there are near 40K impressions available in Los Angeles County.

Spanish Language Campaigns in Action

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty: Do Spanish language campaigns work? Just ask our clients!

Castañeda Law, based out of Denver and Phoenix, approached V Digital Services in late 2016 with one simple goal in mind: Fill our pipeline with more Spanish-speaking clients!

Within a month our crack team of Paid Media Specialists, Web Developers, Content Specialists and Senior Strategists presented a paid media strategy, capitalizing on the thousands of searches reported every month, complete with two brand new Spanish language website landing pages created In-house!

The results were eye opening to the firm. See the full details here!

“In the 3-months that we have been working with V Digital Services, our potential client leads have grown exponentially. We get at least 3 or 4 leads a day. Joe and his team have communicated with us every step of the way to make sure that our campaign is a success. The team has answered any questions or concerns that we have in a timely manner. I highly recommend the team at V Digital Services.”

Castañeda Law

V Digital Services Can Help Your Business with Spanish Ads

With years of dual-language digital marketing experience under our belts at V Digital Services, we’ve identified a few best practices to help businesses determine if they’re ready for a Spanish language ad campaign.

Ask yourself the following to questions about your business:

  1. Do you have a Spanish speaking or bilingual staff?
  2. Do you have a Spanish language website with 100% translation across all pages?

If you answered “yes,” to both questions, you are ready for a Spanish ad campaign and we are ready to assist you. The next step is easy: simply request a keyword audit from our Pre-Sales team.

It’s really that simple. A quick query into potential reach and cost helps us lay the groundwork for a proposal along with the right expectations for performance.

Does your business not have a Spanish language website? We can help you get one! V Digital Services has you covered with our team of Premier Google Partner bilingual specialists.

Contact V Digital Services today for more information about how we can help your business in two languages.