Category: Organic SEO

How Voice Search is Affecting SEO
More and more people are using voice searches through Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant every day. Many adults say that they use voice search at least once a day. What may be surprising for most people to learn is that voice search queries are conducted differently than queries typed into a search bar. Voice-based [...] KEEP READING
What Can SEO Do for My Business?
Entrepreneurs globally often wonder what SEO can do for their businesses. If you are operating a small brick-and-mortar establishment in your local neighborhood or have a small online site you are seeking to grow, you need to leverage the web wisely. Doing so effectively, will provide a considerable return on your investment. Now, there are [...] KEEP READING
2016 V Digital Services Conference: Organic SEO Presentation Recap
There have been several major Google algorithm changes in the past year. These updates are a testament to how fast Google adjusts the way it shows search results, and how nimble we must be as an Agency to act in accordance with these evolving best practices. Below are some of the industry updates we covered: [...] KEEP READING