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2016 V Digital Services Conference: Organic SEO Presentation Recap

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Organic SEO

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There have been several major Google algorithm changes in the past year. These updates are a testament to how fast Google adjusts the way it shows search results, and how nimble we must be as an Agency to act in accordance with these evolving best practices.

Below are some of the industry updates we covered:


Announced in October 2015, RankBrain is an AI (artificial intelligence) system that is being used to help reorganize SERPs based on the user’s search intentions. If the search query isn’t obvious at first, this AI will make a calculated guess as to what exactly the user is looking for, and display results accordingly.

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

In October of 2015, many of the top stories on Google featured a small icon with AMP listed next to it. The icons signified that these pages were designed to create a faster experience on mobile devices. While it’s not officially a ranking signal at this time, we predict that this will become increasingly important in the coming months.

Penguin 4.0 Update

This algorithm update, which slowly rolled out in September 2016, was specifically designed to cut down on websites using spammy or low quality backlinks. What’s interesting about this update is that it works in real time, so people can expect to see slight changes in their rankings, without waiting for long periods of time, as was the case previously. Google will also demote bad links instead of penalizing them, which creates less of a need to disavow low quality or spammy links.

Our Goals

While nothing has changed regarding the way we measure our clients’ success, we wanted to reiterate that Organic SEO is more than just driving traffic to a website. Our team of expert specialists also aims to improve the type of user who visits our clients’ site, so we can successfully capture the right kind of customer. Making sure we fine-tune our strategies helps create a better experience for potential customers, keeping them on the site and engaged there longer. Building trust, authority, and relevance is crucial to success in the competitive online business landscape.

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Looking Ahead

These recent industry updates helped shape the way we will go forward into 2017 and beyond. At V Digital Services, our goals are always to increase quality traffic from new and returning visitors, to increase conversion opportunities and to keep websites sound with SEO best practices.

An optimized, robust site with quality links and content can truly help the user decide and act, leading more people into and down the sales funnel.

If you would like more information about how V Digital Services’ expert Organic SEO team can help your business, please contact us today!