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Time for A Digital Spring Cleaning
We tend to think about spring cleaning as being an activity left for our homes and maybe offices. But have you considered that spring cleaning also needs to be done to your digital presence and footprint? We’ll walk you through the four parts of cleaning up your online life. Clean Devices This is a cleaning [...] KEEP READING
15 Trends You’ll See in Digital Marketing in 2018
The digital landscape has been a ramping up with almost monthly changes in how we market online since at least the late 1990s. Innovation is at an all-time high which means as business owners, advertisers and marketers have to stay ahead of the curve and on top of trends. This year, in particular, sees some [...] KEEP READING
Superb Owl: How To Talk Online About The Big Game
The Super Bowl is almost here and, as always, marketers are rushing about, trying to figure out how they’re going to get a piece of the action without plunking down $5-million for a 30-second TV spot. It’s no mystery that using Super Bowl imagery and language is off limits. Occasionally, however, we’re presented with some [...] KEEP READING
Local SEO Landing Pages – How to Write & Create Them
Landing pages are important for any website because they are a visitor’s first impression of the business itself. Having a great landing page is the difference between engaging a visitor or driving them away. But landing pages also play an important role in getting a visitor to your site in the first place. This is [...] KEEP READING
SEO Strategies for Dentists
It’s easy to see why SEO works well for retailers, but how do SEO strategies apply to dentists? The truth is that even dentists can benefit from creative keyword strategies and dental marketing. Here are a few of the best dental office tips and tricks to get you started: Create a Google Business Profile Page [...] KEEP READING
Best Digital Marketing Practices for Home Service Businesses
When it comes to the home service industry, the competition is hot and the need for high-quality marketing is pronounced. More and more home service providers have caught on to the need for a strong online presence for their business, but few are taking advantage of all the tools at their disposal. To get the [...] KEEP READING
How V Digital Services Can Help Your HVAC Service Business
Recently, Google announced an all-new feature that will help residents in your service area locate providers for all kinds of home service needs. This includes everything from locksmiths to plumbers to HVAC services. The goal of this new ad feature is to make it easier for homeowners to locate companies that are active in their area [...] KEEP READING
Integrating Messaging Apps in Your Marketing
For too long we have thought of messaging apps as merely a means of communication, but not a means of making sales. That has changed with the release of new marketing information from Given the popularity of mobile messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others, it’s no surprise that those companies are beginning [...] KEEP READING
How to Get a Featured Snippet in Google
The featured snippet portion of Google’s search engine is a coveted place that companies fight for tooth and nail. Similar to SEO rankings, Google uses a complex and mysterious algorithm to decide which site is featured, and it doesn’t always go to the No. 1-ranked SEO site. Here’s what you need to know to have [...] KEEP READING
Voice Media Group Offers LA Weekly For Sale
January 18, 2017 -- Voice Media Group announced today that as part of the ongoing diversification of its portfolio it is putting the storied LA Weekly up for sale.