How to Acquire Local Search Citations to Improve Your Business SEO

Citations & Directories? What are these, how do you acquire them, and what is their value? You already know that local SEO is a central factor in the success of your digital marketing strategy and that when you’re learning how to improve local search rankings, there are a few different things you can try. One […] KEEP READING

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How Google Maps Explore Feature Can Benefit Your Business

Google Maps is the world leader for online maps, being used by millions of individuals on a daily basis to help them get where they need and desire to go. In the past year, Google has really put a high emphasis on new end-user engagement features within the maps platform. These new features continue to […] KEEP READING

Why Google is Being Called the New “Homepage” for Local Businesses

The Internet is sometimes seen as a democratizing force. All you need is an Internet connection and a URL, and you can access almost any website or webpage without issue. Because of its equalizing nature, the Internet has also been a boon for small businesses. Before the rise of the web, small businesses looking to grow had […] KEEP READING

Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile, simplifies review management for the ambitious multiple business owner

Google Reviews Most business owners today don’t share the same opinion about their reviews. Some simply take reviews with a grain of salt, some don’t worry or care about reviews at all, and some treat reviews as life or death for their business. The truth is, reviews are the one true insight into how your […] KEEP READING

Google reviews and how to remove them

Google reviews are a valuable asset for an SMB (SMB is an abbreviation for small and medium-sized businesses) in an ever-evolving online world. Reviews are a window into real-world customers’ views and opinions of services and products. They are an integral part of online shopping but also essential for local businesses. More and more users […] KEEP READING

Why Keeping Google My Business Services During COVID-19 is Important for the Future of Your Business.

Google Business Profile Services – Important for the Future of Your Business. Due to the COVID-19 crisis businesses are closed down temporarily, offering limited services such as takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery, or are pivoting quickly to offer solutions/services they may have never offered before. Some businesses are listed as essential and have no choice […] KEEP READING

Manage your Google Business Profile for Multi-location Listings

Google has made a series of distinctions regarding what is termed as “Chain Listings” or “multi-location” Listings otherwise known as Franchises. Think big franchises like Starbucks, Taco Bells, or just about any other brand with 10 or more locations. Chain Listings are listings that have been verified together as part of one brand account and […] KEEP READING

Essential SEO Components of a Search Engine-Friendly Franchise Location Page

Essential Components of a Search Engine-Friendly Franchise Location Page   Search engine optimization has its own unique issues and challenges for franchise businesses. Not only are you part of a chain competing for traffic regionally or nationally, but you are also competing locally with other franchisees. Making franchise SEO an essential part of your marketing […] KEEP READING

Google Business Profile Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

It’s no secret that the world of digital marketing, and SEO in particular, is always changing. Keeping up with all the updates and enhancements can be a daunting task, especially when Google tends to keep things under wraps and is notorious for not disclosing updates and upgrades to its user base. And if you’re a […] KEEP READING

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Local SEO Checklist to Improve Your Business Ranking

When the right customer finds your website at the right time – when they’re in the right place – it’s all thanks to a little bit of online magic known as local search engine optimization (SEO).  Actually, local SEO isn’t so much magic as it is a tech-powered strategy. And while SEO experts aren’t exactly […] KEEP READING

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