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Why Every Franchise Needs PPC

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Franchisees are often faced with challenges when it comes to marketing in an area where they are in close contact with other franchise locations of the same type. The need to localize marketing campaigns deeper than the level of the city at large is just one reason that pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing is useful for business owners.

As the owner of a franchise, PPC should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Hyper-Local Ads

Pay-per-click ads have advanced to the point where it is possible to directly target customers near your location. Instead of advertising to the whole city and potentially sending customers to other franchised stores, you can now market to your immediate area by setting a radius as small as two miles from your business. As a result, the density of your ads showing up to users in your immediate area goes way up.

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Wallet-Friendly Marketing

PPC advertising is one of the best franchise marketing solutions because it is budget-friendly. You are only paying for the ads that people click on, so your money isn’t being spent whenever the ad is only viewed. Nevertheless, you can get thousands of views daily, which get people interested even if they don’t click. It is a useful tool for both customer acquisition and retention.

Instant Feedback

Unlike other forms of franchise marketing, PPC campaigns give you immediate feedback on your results. It is possible to create different PPC campaigns for each of your buyer personas, reach different demographics and even A/B test two different ads to see which one gains the most traction. All of these details are measurable, so you can track trends and get hard numbers for planning subsequent campaigns.

In addition, both Google and social media sites that offer PPC marketing have developed intuitive systems that automatically adjust your ads to show the most successful ads more often. They will also suggest better keywords or a different budgeting strategy based on your results. Essentially these systems learn for you and make recommendations designed to help your ads convert.

Tying Everything Together

PPC can also provide a helpful boost to your other digital marketing strategies. With Google and Facebook informing you about which keywords and messages are working, your ad campaign can actually help you give your SEO a boost. It’s kind of a two-for-one deal in terms of return when you go with PPC advertising.

Any franchisee who is searching for digital marketing strategies for online success should consider how PPC marketing can enhance their efforts. Pay-per-click offers a greater level of control and detail when it comes to building your campaign and will give you the information you need to continually improve your ads with time.

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