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Facebook Aims to Reduce Fake News and Clickbait

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Following a tremendous election cycle full of conspiracy theories and questionably-sourced stories, Facebook is finally taking a stand against users who repeatedly post fake news and clickbait on their site.

While many users say that the move has come too late, the reality is that Facebook still has more than two billion active users who are tired of seeing spam headlines and fake news filling their feeds.

The Facebook Algorithm

Last year, Facebook took a lot of heat for their algorithm, which was supposed to be able to weed out fake news stories and help ensure that the information being spread was reliable and trustworthy. More than once, a story began trending that did not hold up to journalistic standards. When these stories took off, it was often too late for Facebook to stop the flurry of spinoffs and newscasts that resulted from them.

Now, Facebook is updating their algorithm to categorize stories differently. In the past, a news story had to meet multiple requirements before it was deemed “fake.”

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The algorithm is now looking for an either/or scenario – for instance, if the headline intentionally withholds information (“You’ll Never Believe What He Did…”) or if the headline intentionally exaggerates claims (“You’ll Never Have to Shave Again!”). It also examines the quality of the content on the page and the ads displayed. If any or all of these issues are present, Facebook’s algorithm will now flag the page and downgrade it.

Last year, Facebook was only looking for users who repeatedly posted bad content and downgraded their entire page, but now Facebook is digging deeper and looking at individual posts so that nothing can slip through the cracks.

Facebook also is adding an indicator that will show up on posts that are being reviewed for suspected violations of the fake news rules.

How the Change Affects Social Media Marketing

For creators of marketing content, the Facebook algorithm changes are a hot topic. We all know you need to create an interesting hook with your title that will draw customers in, but now you risk sounding like clickbait if you aren’t careful.

Writing fun, creative headlines that get people interested has become a little bit more difficult. You will need to be more judicious in your use of links and on-site advertising to avoid falling into the trap.

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