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5 SEO Tips to Boost Organic Traffic in 2024

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Acquiring organic traffic through SEO is an ever-evolving strategy. Each year, customer sentiment and search engine algorithms change and new elements to your SEO strategy must be developed. Years ago, just having the right keywords was enough. But as the market grows ever more complex, so too does keyword competition and the context necessary to reach your ideal audience organically.

One of the most recent major changes was the shift to mobile-ready content followed by the rising inclusion of social media. To see your organic content soar in 2024, your SEO strategy will need to focus on the quality of information and experience that your content provides.

2024 Content is All About the Reader Experience

Experience-driven design is at the heart of the 2024 SEO strategy. Google has begun using NLP – natural language processing – to determine the true intent behind each search and seeks to identify context clues within web pages to make a proper match. Just writing content that features your most competitive keywords simply won’t be enough. To draw in that organic traffic, you want to create content designed to inform, delight, and provide a rich tapestry of answers in response to searcher intent. With that, let’s dive into the top five SEO tips to organically boost visitors in 2024.

1. Write Intent-Driven Content

Understand your audience’s intent, not just their keyword search patterns. What do they truly want to know? What experience are they seeking when they type your brand keywords into the search engine?

Use more in-depth keyword and user research to discover user intent, then design your content to provide for those intended desires.

2. Explore Your Semantic Keyword Cloud

Semantic keywords are a cloud of non-competitive terms and phrases that are often associated with the intent behind a keyword search. These are used to identify content that goes into detail and explores associated concepts surrounding keyword concepts. For example, the keyword “pizza dough” is associated with semantic keywords like “yeast”, “rising time” “kneading”, “flour and water” and other terms that are associated with making pizza dough at home.

Google looks for semantic keywords combined with NLP analysis to determine which pages are rich in useful content and which simply say “Pizza dough is great, buy our pizza dough” ten different ways.

3. Use AI to Plan, Then Write from the Heart

AI has become very popular for speeding up the content marketing process, but use it carefully. Never publish content written by a soulless and often inaccurate AI like ChatGPT. Your content should come from the heart, written by experts and brand ambassadors who understand the audience and care about sharing valuable information through their writing.

However, you can speed up the content planning process with AI. You can use AI to give you a list of keyword-based prompts and blog ideas. You can even have AI write your article outlines. But make sure that a real brand expert writes the final draft from the heart – and that you fact-check any information supplied by the AI.

4. Multi-Channel and Multi-Media Strategy

With every year, content marketing for organic traffic becomes more steeped in media and channel variety. Mobile apps, social media platforms, videos, animations, infographics, and metadata all play an important role. Understanding your audience will help you craft multi-media content that appeals to them and will help you select the channels where your audience most likes to receive their daily information.

5. Build a Network of Brand and Affiliate Partners

Marketing partnership has gone far beyond link-building as we plan 2024 organic content. Brands have much to gain from building marketing partners with associated businesses and influencer affiliates. Sharing audiences, guest posts, receiving social proof, and sharing trusted expertise all play an important role in a full brand presence. Customers like to see their brands involved in the community, vouched for by influencers, and working together to produce high-value content that relates directly to the interests of each audience.

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