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Franchise Marketing: Pros and Cons for Location-Specific Content

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Franchise marketing is an ever-changing world that’s become increasingly multi-faceted in recent years, particularly due to the growing world of digital and content-based marketing. As the focus shifts from a more generalized message at the national or regional level to one that’s customized for the local markets of individual franchisees, many business owners are rethinking their marketing strategy. Connecting on a more personalized level with the target market closer to a specific franchise is more necessary than ever, especially as consumer expectations shift and expand.

Like any aspect of franchise-based marketing, location-specific content has both pros and cons. However, keeping a few common pitfalls in mind can help you maximize the benefits of this targeted marketing approach.

Pros: Why Franchise Marketing and Location-Specific Content Works

One of the biggest benefits to location-related copy is the genuine connections it enables – each franchise can reach customers that are local to their business, upping the potential for lasting relationships. Additionally, it creates a level of authenticity that customers appreciate (and are coming to expect), something that’s not always possible with a broad approach on a regional or national level.

Cons: What to Avoid When You’re Developing Your Franchise Marketing Plan

For franchisors with many locations, the biggest downfall in creating content related to each location is that it can be an overwhelming task. Managing elements like updating location maps, incorporating search engine optimization strategies, and tracking location-focused content and data for each franchise – whether you have one or many – is absolutely a lot of work. Luckily, there are professional agencies with effective tools to tackle the job.

A truly experienced agency can help you navigate the other challenging aspects of franchise marketing, such as ensuring a consistent brand message, delegating ongoing maintenance, utilizing social media, and planning for consistently relevant content.

Make the Most of Your Franchise’s Marketing Strategy

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