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Google Countdown Timer Ads
Updated Date: July 20, 2022 One of the secrets of successful search ads is customization, which provides you with an invaluable opportunity to design more tailored ads. And, of course, tailored ads make it easier to target your ideal customers – and that can be key in connecting with users that convert into customers. For [...] KEEP READING
Why Am I Not Seeing My Google AdWords Ad?
Google Ads Not Showing Up? Here are 11 Reasons Why You’ve just launched a new paid media ad campaign, so you do a live search to see the ad in action, but it doesn’t show up. What gives?  Are your Google Ads not getting impressions? Even worse, are your Google Ads not working at all? [...] KEEP READING
What is a Good Click-Through Rate?
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Google Premier Partner Agency
We are excited to announce that V Digital Services has been awarded Premier Partner Status by Google, highlighting our dedication to our clients and proven search strategies. What does this mean for the VDS team and our clients? Aside from serving as a testament to the profitable, goal-oriented results we consistently deliver to our clients. [...] KEEP READING
5 Strategies for High-Performing Holiday PPC Campaigns
It’s that time of the year again. We are right in the heart of the holiday shopping season and both online and brick-and-mortar retailers expect the highest traffic at this time of the year. This is great for retailers, but competition is also likely to be higher than normal. We will be discussing some of [...] KEEP READING
New Update To Healthcare Provider Policy for Google Ads
Summary: Starting June 2, 2021, Google updated their Healthcare and Medicines Policy requiring health insurance advertisers to obtain a G2 Health Insurance Provider certification before they can proceed to advertise on any Google Ads Platform in the United States. Government advertisers are exempt from certification.  Full Article: Beginning June 2, 2021, Google will require all [...] KEEP READING
SEO vs PPC – Adwords: Pros and Cons of Both
When you’re working with a limited digital marketing budget and need to maximize your return on investment, being prepared to make informed decisions is key. And even once you reach a level of success that allows you to invest far more in advertising, cost-effectiveness will likely always be a top priority. One of the most [...] KEEP READING
The Beginner’s Guide to Programmatic Advertising Marketing
In the wide world of digital advertising, programmatic ads are a hot topic of conversation. Thought leaders, marketing professionals, and everyday business owners alike are discussing the benefits of programmatic advertising – and why it might just be the catalyst for the reinvention of the industry.  But even as programmatic advertising evolves from a trend [...] KEEP READING
How To Create A Facebook Ad That Converts
Creating a Facebook Ad that converts is vital to the overall success of the Facebook Campaign. Getting traffic to the website is the easy part, but receiving traffic to your website is just a piece of the puzzle. Once you receive traffic on your website, you want to have people take a desired action. Are [...] KEEP READING
Broad Match Modified is Moving to an Updated Version of Phrase Match
Starting February 18, 2021, Google ads announced that they would be making changes to broad match modified (BMM) and phrase match keywords. Phase one has already started rolling out to eight languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian); all others will roll out in Q2. Google expects to be fully rolled out [...] KEEP READING