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Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For in 2024


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Video is one of the strongest elements in any marketing campaign. Today’s audience is highly visual, entertained by endless scrolling pages of video content. Streaming services, YouTube, and video shorts have taken center stage in today’s short attention spans, and in 2024, video marketing is stronger than ever.

Of course, the trends are constantly changing and evolving with the devices and interests of the global audience. Which trends should video marketers watch and plan for in 2024? Let’s dive into the trends that are growing in popularity here at the beginning of a bright new year.

Video Configured for Mobile Phone Scrolling

TikTok’s popularity in recent years had a profound effect on video marketing trends. Those styles that were once a signature of the overseas platform are now commonplace everywhere that video is shared. Mostly because they perfected a formula that is ideal for watching videos on mobile phones. The three key elements that are taking the viewing world by storm are vertical, bite-sized, and silent video design.

  • Vertical Video: is filmed to look good on a phone screen, held the way most people hold their phones while scrolling through the internet. Vertical videos can be shot from phones or simply framed and cropped to look good on a vertical screen.
  • Bite-Sized Video Length: Very short videos are now leading the market. These videos, sometimes less than ten seconds long, can be quickly scrolled through and may still gain thousands of shares.
  • The Age of Silent Video: Because many people scroll videos at work, school, on public transport, and in other places where sound is not welcome – silent video is now a thing. Many platforms have a feature that plays videos automatically when they are scrolled over with the sound turned off by default.

AI Video Tools

As you may have guessed, the rise of AI has crossed into video marketing. Scriptwriting and content planning are only the beginning. There are also now AI video editing tools that can help identify your best moments and create clips, generate digital backgrounds, and apply live and adaptive filters. Keep an eye on the latest AI video tools, because this trend is still developing with more to come.

OTT – Ads for Streaming Services

OTT stands for Over The Top – but what it means is video marketing through streaming services. Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and even YouTube’s smart TV app all offer opportunities for targeted advertisements that show up during and between streamed shows. Because streaming subscriptions are now the top way to consume television, OTT video ads are quickly becoming a necessity.

Integrated Product Videos

Of course, video marketing isn’t just for video platforms. Integrating product videos is becoming more popular inside eCommerce shops. A video included in your product photo gallery or description shows your product in action, at different angles, or displays how it is put together or used. In other words, a powerful conversion tool you can use by remembering to shoot and upload videos for every product.

Sharing User-Generated Videos

You don’t even need to generate 100% internal video content. You can keep your social media pages lively with user-generated videos. Simply invite your audience to share their content related to suggested topics, your products, or personal stories that relate to your brand. Today’s audience loves to scroll through an interesting variety of different examples, stories, and funny moments on video from people just like (and not so like) them.

The Endless Sea of Micro-Influencers

Lastly, don’t forget your micro-influencer affiliates. Affiliate partnerships are more powerful than ever as video micro-influencers rise in every corner of the internet. Instead of focusing on just one celebrity affiliate, generate unique affiliate links for every micro-influencer who shows interest in your brands or responds to your outreach. Whether they have two hundred followers or two million, their videos could increase your reach and generate new customers.

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