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6 Ways to Market Your Franchise Business

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When it comes to setting your franchise business up for success, you probably already know how important it is to have a great marketing plan up your sleeve. And like most franchise owners, you might have figured out the dirty little secret of franchise marketing: it’s harder than it looks.

A franchise is unique in that it has the power of brand identity standing behind it, but also has to overcome the challenge of standing out from the crowd. For your franchise, digital marketing can be exactly what you need to make an impression and capture the attention of future customers. Here are six of the best franchise marketing tips, coming straight from franchise digital marketing agency experts:

Local Focus

Local marketing is an important cornerstone of any marketing plan, allowing you to reach the first line of customers closest to your home base. Don’t leave this basic form of marketing in the dust when putting together your plan.


SEO is a complex science of keywords and Internet search engine ratings, so it’s often best to let the experts handle it. SEO experts have an understanding of the behind-the-scenes elements that can make your business earn a top spot in online searches.

Content Marketing

Content marketing provides you with the opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted expert in the field. When your digital marketing plan includes quality content pieces, you’ll stand out as a valuable resource in your industry.

Paid Search

Paid search marketing is a surefire way to catch the attention of Internet searchers, cementing your spot on the top of the search results page. Combining SEO and paid search marketing is a smart way to cover your bases.

Social Media

Social media marketing is quickly rising to the top of digital marketing strategies, but you have to approach it from the right angle. You want to avoid social media content that feels forced or overly manufactured and instead, aims for connecting with your customers on a more personal level.

Test and Prove

Combining several approaches is the best way to ensure your digital marketing plan will reach a large variety of potential customers. A/B test different messages, stop using multiple vendors and focus on developing a holistic digital strategy.

Now that you’re ready to incorporate digital marketing into your franchise’s plan for success, it’s time to get an expert team on your side. At V Digital Services, we have the expertise, innovative approach and tech-savvy tools to propel your franchise towards the growth and expansion you’ve always dreamed of. Contact one of our marketing experts today to chat about how digital marketing will give your franchise the boost it needs.

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