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4 Brands Winning in Franchise Marketing

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Franchise marketing can be a challenging task to tackle, requiring a smart approach to reach the right franchisees who will spell success for your company. Ultimately, the goal is not only to drive interest is your business, but to attract people that are a good fit for your mission, products, and brand. When you’re working on building your franchise marketing strategy, it’s always a good idea to look to those who are already doing it right.

How These Name Brand Franchises Continue to Succeed

Here are just four of the top brands from a variety of industries who are winning in franchise marketing today:

 Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Founded 16 years ago, Anytime Fitness has quickly grown to over 4,000 franchise locations across 20 countries, establishing an impressive brand awareness and market presence. Named one of America’s Most Promising Companies and among the Best Fitness Franchises in American by Forbes, Anytime Fitness is a shining example of the potential of smart franchise marketing. Their growth strategy is measured but decidedly aggressive, connecting with prospects via digital avenues and successfully communicating how they stand out in the saturated fitness industry. https://www.anytimefitness.com/



Jumping into the acai bowl craze with both feet, SoBol founder Jason Mazzarone has successfully franchised his business and expanded to 28 locations within four short years. One of his major focus areas was to first find his perfect-fit niche within the affordable health food market, which then paved the way for his successful marketing plan. By clearly demonstrating his passion for the product, Mazzarone found it relatively easy to connect with quality prospects who often turn into high-performing franchise partners. Instead of relying on traditional print alone, his marketing goal is to create a picture of what it’s like to be a SoBol franchisee and establish a clear sense of the possibilities that lie ahead for prospects. https://mysobol.com/

 Realty One Group

Realty ONE Group

Realty ONE Group has quickly become a household name, despite the fact that the company has only been around since 2005. Within its first year, Realty ONE surpassed $100 million in sales and had more than 300 agents to its name, and it’s now the fifth-largest brokerage in the United States. The key to their success has a lot to do with their methods for attracting the right prospective franchisees, using a multi-pronged digital approach that’s proven to be highly effective. Prospects can experience the brand through a variety of channels, including radio, social media, email, print, and web search, providing an all-encompassing connection that allows Realty ONE to stand out from the crowd. https://www.realtyonegroup.com/

 Penn Station East Coast Subs

Penn Station East Coast Subs

Founded in Dayton, Ohio in 1985, Penn Station East Coast Subs is in the top 150 of the Franchise 500, supporting their more than 300 franchisees with a combination of regional and national media, as well as co-op advertising. By investing in local marketing support, Penn Station East Coast Subs enables its franchises to target customers with location-specific offers and ads. Plus, the brand has successfully built a useful collection of templates that allow for creativity while staying true to the overall brand identity. http://www.penn-station.com/


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