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How to List Your Business on Google

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While developing an effective digital marketing plan may seem like a complex science, one of the easiest and most effective first steps you can take is to list your business on Google. Internet users utilize Google on a daily basis to search for and choose businesses that can meet their ever-changing needs for products and services, making the global search engine an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes and types.

What is Google Business Profile

What is Google Business Profile?

When Internet users search for your business or one similar to yours on Google, Google Business Profile will allow a listing for your company to appear on both Google Search and Maps. This is considered local SEO. The Google Business Profile service is a simple method for reaching new and prospective customers alike, providing them with the basic information they need to engage with your business. A Google business listing can include elements such as contact information, customer reviews, hours, and even a question and answer section. In terms of SEO, an effective Google Business Profile listing can also be highly valuable, and also provides digital insight into how customers find and interact with your business’ online presence.

List Your Business on Google

Here is a step-by-step breakdown to help you list your business on Google today:

Step 1:

First, you’ll need to set up a free Google Business Profile account for your company. The sign-up process is quick and simple, though Google offers a video tutorial and phone representatives for extra support if needed.

Step 2:

Using the provided text bar, enter your business name and address to pull it up on Google Maps. You may see a list of suggested businesses appear, and you can choose the correct one if applicable. If any contact information is listed, double check it for accuracy.

Step 3:

If you do not see your business appear on the list of suggestions, click “None of these match” or “Add my business.”

Step 4:

If you are adding your business from scratch, you will need to provide Google with a series of details to create your listing. First, select the category that most accurately describes your business. It is extremely important that you choose the correct category because it will affect the way Google ranks your listing. Although there is the option to choose more than one category, it is generally better to choose just one – selecting several does not serve to improve your search ranking.

Step 5:

Complete all fields to provide the details of your business and location. Fields will include your address, phone number, hours, and etc.

Step 6:

If your business provides delivery, be sure to mark the checkbox that reads, “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.” You will then be able to provide the zip codes or city names where you supply delivery.

Step 7:

After completing and confirming your business information, you will be given the option between confirming your identity via phone or mail (other options include being a registered website owner in the Google Search Console or supplying a domain-based email that matches up with the business listing’s domain). After you enter the verification code provided via your method of choice, your listing will be activated.

Step 8:

Finally, you can edit your listing to add more information including photos and a detailed business description.

Let V Digital Services Help You with Local Listing Management

Listing your business on Google is an important first step, but managing the local listing is just as critical to your company’s success. At V Digital Services, our experienced team has the tools and know-how to help you with local listing management. Together, we can work to align your listing with your business goals, improving outcomes across the board.

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