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10 Highly Effective Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence in 2024

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Social media is an essential element of any marketing and customer service strategy. Companies find that consumers are willing to communicate more openly through social media than they do through call centers, and social media offers a variety of important analytics options that can help boost profits.

To take advantage of this, you must first build your social media presence to garner a successful and loyal following. Here’s a look at 10 proven methods to do so.

  1. Know What You Want – The whole point of social media is that people are easily able to share stories and content from a wide range of sources. Your goal for social media is not necessarily to sell to the people who already follow you, but rather to produce something that makes them want to share your content with their friends and family. Plan your posts with this in mind.
  2. Understand the Differences – While Facebook and Twitter have taken social media marketing by the horns, Instagram and other social media apps are quickly catching on as well. They don’t all operate the same way, and you need to be creative about how you package your content on each one to get the best results.
  3. Quality over Quantity – This age-old adage stands true as ever when it comes to social media. Nobody will share content that is old, tired or simply uninteresting. However, they are willing to share the same content over and over as long as it continues to be relevant and important. Invest in thought-provoking, quality content every time.
  4. Be a Real Person – More than likely your customers came to you on social media because they either want to see what your company is up to or because they don’t want to talk to a robotic phone operator. Don’t force them to endure the same detached interactions online.


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  1. Always Link – Link back to your site, and link back to previous blogs. Lead people on a journey through your company’s online presence.
  2. Optimize – Did you know that your Facebook and Twitter posts also show up in search engines? All of the same rules apply to optimizing your social posts to show up in Google’s rankings, so be sure to do so.
  3. Have Fun! – Social media is where people go when they’re bored or looking to relax. Make the most of it by inviting your fans to ask questions, play games, participate in contests, and more.
  4. Don’t Spam – You may be surprised at how few posts it actually takes to engage with users. A few quality posts a week is typically enough to build a steady following without losing people who get tired of seeing your posts all the time. Again, quality over quantity every time.
  5. Gather Customer Stories – What’s more engaging than talking about how great your products are? Customers talking about how great your products are! Let them be your greatest asset by sharing their experiences!
  6. Spruce It Up – Social posts with memes, images, and videos get far more engagement than simple text and link posts. Just make sure the memes, imagery, and videos are relevant.

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