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Why You Should Think Mobile-first for Facebook Ads

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In their 2016 Q2 Earnings report, Facebook revealed that mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 84 percent of overall advertising revenue, up from 76 percent in the second quarter of 2015. Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users on mobile have also been steadily on the rise since 2012.

What does this mean for businesses looking to a Facebook advertising campaign to boost brand lift, drive conversions or incorporate ads into their overarching social media strategy? It means it’s more crucial than ever before to think mobile-first! Here’s why:

Your audience checks their mobile feeds more frequently

It should be no surprise that as frequency and duration of mobile use is on the rise, so is the use of social media apps, including Facebook. In fact, a study by analytics company IDC found that smartphone users check the social network an average of 14 times per day. Catching up on their Facebook News Feeds was the top activity at 77 percent.

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A more recent Facebook earnings report revealed that the platform had more than 1.49 billion monthly active users, 655 million of whom only accessed it via a mobile device. That means 44 percent of Facebook’s most active user base literally never touches the platform via desktop.

Leaning mobile-first ensures that you’re taking advantage of the audience that’s most present on the platform. So what can you do to ensure that your ads are optimized for the mobile audience you’re tapping into?

Boost engagement

Not only do mobile Facebook ads cost less, they typically bring in higher engagement numbers, the click-through ratios are higher and users take more actions and are more easily guided with these types of ads.

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Since the overall engagement on mobile ads is higher – people tend to like, comment and share more on their phones – this is an important factor to bear in mind when creating the ads.

Try to make posts that create a strong call to action, keep ad copy lean and always ensure landing pages have a good mobile experience.

Get even more precise with targeting

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Facebook marketers already use data to serve up relatively more targeted, relevant ads thanks to the platform’s expanded targeting options, including custom audiences, user interests and behaviors. But targeting can and should get even more precise when additional layers are added.

Local Awareness Ad campaigns are the best way to ensure mobile users see a relevant ad for your business whether they are at home, on the go, or visiting from out of town.

If a user accesses Facebook via the mobile app while in the vicinity of your business, metrics can be reported on whether the user was delivered your ad and stepped into your physical location.

New metrics have also been added to Page Insights specific to the location feature, including easy-to-access reporting on valuable mobile metrics like People Nearby and Check-Ins.

The algorithm favors mobile vs desktop

There are five total placement options when creating Facebook ads:

  1. Desktop Right Column
  2. Desktop News Feed
  3. Mobile News Feed
  4. Instagram
  5. Audience Network (mobile apps, mobile websites, and instant articles)

Placements will vary by campaign objectives, but the data-driven approach is typically to begin an ad campaign on mobile and desktop News Feeds. From there, Facebook will “choose” which one’s better. For many businesses, the Mobile News Feed outperforms the Desktop News Feed, and Facebook almost exclusively runs ads there.

So, should you cut desktop advertising out of the equation? Not necessarily.

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It’s common to let Facebook optimize to determine whether or not an ad works or doesn’t work for your audience. The step that takes more finesse is interpreting that data to tell you not only how your campaign is doing, but also why it’s doing well (or poorly).

On algorithm-based platforms like Facebook and Instagram, every mistake could mean fewer relevant people see your business opportunities. Specialists at advertising agencies are trained to capture your voice, analyze your audience, and create an environment that allows your business to exponentially grow through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

How V Digital Services Can Help

Whether you’re just getting started with a Facebook mobile ad campaign or you’re looking to boost sales and build your customer base, V Digital Services can help with our expertise and experience. For more information, contact V Digital Services today!