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What You Should Be Looking For From Your Agency

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Hiring a digital marketing agency isn’t easy for small business owners who are used to being in charge. You want to make sure that the agency you’re hiring is the right fit for your business and will have a good ROI. A strategic marketing agency can take your business to the next level. You need a trusted partner to make sure you have a noteworthy online presence with customized marketing. Here are some of the things you should be looking for in your next marketing agency.

How Do I Choose an Agency?

Choosing an agency will involve some research on your part. You’ll want to get insight into how the agency works and where their expertise lies. You should be able to meet with the team that you’ll be working with, to see if they’re a good fit for your business. The agency you’re working with should have a strong online presence themselves. They need to have their own house in order before helping your business.

Good marketing companies are a combination of science and talent. It takes creativity to build good marketing campaigns, but a great agency will also watch the analytics against measurable goals and objectives. If something isn’t working, they need to have the ability to change directions.

5 Things to Consider

Here are some specific questions to ask your digital marketing agency:

1. How well do they know your industry?

Different industries target people differently. Legal advertising is much different than hospitality. Make sure your team understands your industry.

2. Is talent in-house or out-sourced?

In-house talent tends to be more focused on your project, but outsourcing can be less expensive. Some agencies have a combination of the two. You should know who you’re hiring and who’s doing the work.

3. What kind of performance reports do you receive?

You want to know how and how often you’ll receive reports from the agency. It’s important to see that the team monitors the success of the campaign and looks for new opportunities.

4. What is my ROI?

Although it can be difficult to guarantee results, the agency should be able to set timelines based on your goals and help you understand your ROI. You should also be able to understand the strategies being used and how they build on each other.

5. Do they see any opportunities in your current marketing strategies?

Your agency should look at what you’re currently doing and expand on any positive impact you’re already having. It’s not always about bringing in lots of bells and whistles, but improving what you’re doing to have a bigger reach.

4 Red Flags to Watch For

You might need to read (or listen) between the lines for these red flags:

1. Giving Vague Answers

If you’re getting unclear strategies on what the company will do for you, think twice before signing on. You should get clear and specific methodologies with information on how the tactics will work for your company.

2. No Case Studies

A good agency, even one that’s fairly new, will have success stories of how they overcame problems for other clients. If your agency can’t produce results for other clients that are satisfied with their service, it’s a red flag.

3. An Outdated Website

Look at what the agency is telling you about your website, then see if their own website lives up to their standards. A good marketing agency will invest in their own online presence.

4. Promising Overnight Results

A good SEO strategy takes time. There are no microwave results in getting on top of Google. If your ad agency promises quick results, it’s most likely that they aren’t following white hat SEO or best practices. Using other strategies will hurt your reputation, not theirs.

What You Should be Looking for in Your Digital Agency [Infographic]

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