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Social Media Marketing for Millennials: How to Bridge the Gap Between Generations

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The millennial generation has posed quite a challenge to marketing aficionados across the board. Millennials have different interests and value different things in their products and companies. Learning to reach them means becoming proficient in social media marketing.

How to Market Towards Millennials

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In order to reach millennials and capture their hearts, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. It has become pretty obvious that much of the millennial generation is uninterested in brands that just put products in stores and don’t interact with their customers. This is where social media comes in.

Millennials are drawn to brands that have a strong social presence, who join the conversation about their products and listen to their customers. In addition, a number of brands have gained Twitter fame in recent months for their witty responses to critics.

Your presence online is actually seen as giving your brand a personality, which millennials relate to, and use to represent their own personalities.

Fact Checking

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Another feature of the millennial generation is their reliance on other internet users to point them in the direction of high-quality products and companies that offer superior customer service. Online review sites and comments on social media are often used to influence buyer decisions far more than testimonials posted on your home page. They are seen as less scripted and filtered, and provide a more realistic view of your brand based on real experiences by average people.

As a rule, millennials distrust any kind of marketing material that appears too positive without any realistic counter points.

Proving Your Merits

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Millennials want to know what you’re doing for them and what you’re doing for the world. They want to see that your manufacturing practices are considered green that you are taking steps to support fair labor and more. They also want to see you respond appropriately to customer-service issues online. A social media marketing agency can assist with timely and positive responses that leave everyone feeling good about your brand.

Ultimately, the way your company conducts itself in a social environment is of far more interest to millennials than the billboards you put up. They want to know who you are, rather than what you are. They want to see how you handle yourself when your customers are frustrated or disappointed in a product and need assistance.

They also want to know what it is that makes you different from the competition, including your business practices. The more you play to their interest, the more likely they are to share your content and tell their friends about you.