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Our Vote Is In: Top Five 2024 Political Advertising Trends

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No matter what position you’re running for in your upcoming election, you have to focus on utilizing smart advertising strategies in order to secure the win. Staying up to date with the latest trends in political advertising is crucial, so let’s discuss 5 political advertising trends you should be paying attention to and implementing:

  1. Interactive Ads – When viewers are watching a political ad, it needs to be easy for them to get to know a candidate’s values and persona. Many candidates use advertisements with interactive links, QR codes, and chat functions; this makes interaction simple.
  2. Targeted Advertising – Certain demographics will not have an interest in your campaign; sometimes, this is simply geographical, and sometimes, it is more complex. Focus on audiences interested in your campaign by using data to push out ads to relevant audiences.
  3. CTVs – CTV advertising, or connected TV advertising, are ads that show up on streaming services. You don’t have to stream on a TV for these ads to appear, though. CTV ads come up on phones, tablets, computers, and any device that can host a streaming service. Because streaming platforms are popular, many candidates are using CTV ads to their advantage—especially to capture younger demographics.
  4. Convincing the Undecided – Catering toward ambiguous, undecided voters via advertising is becoming the mission of many candidates looking to increase their voter turnout. Reaching this specific demographic will, again, require you to focus on data.
  5. Avoid Misleading Messages – More than ever, it is crucial for political ads to be clear, succinct, and backed by easy-to-find sources. Because mis- and disinformation is so common, voters want to be able to trust the candidate they are backing. Prioritizing advertising that is trustworthy is a good move for candidates.

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