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How to Promote Your Franchise on LinkedIn

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When you’re considering your options for franchise marketing on social media, it’s likely that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the first that come to mind. However, LinkedIn, a major hub for professional connections, has emerged as a major contender for those looking to maximize franchise interest and sales. A recent Franchise Development Report highlighted an impressive statistic that illustrates the value of marketing with LinkedIn — in an analysis of more than 100 franchisors, about 40 percent of franchise sales through social media originated on the LinkedIn platform.

4 Tips for Finding Success for Your Franchise on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise that promoting your business on LinkedIn offers excellent opportunities for franchise sales, particularly when you consider the platform’s focus — building professional connections with a career-oriented focus. Here are a few valuable tips for promoting your franchise on LinkedIn and establishing genuine professional connections that lead to franchise sales.

1. Check Out the Competition

Look closely at the company profiles of your biggest competitors and review a handful of personal profiles of affiliated franchise executives. You’ll want to examine how the competition is positioning itself in an effort to reach your shared target audience, including profile elements like updates, photos, attachments, specialties, and the highlighted “bragging points.”

2. Create a Showcase Page to Highlight Franchise Opportunity

LinkedIn offers businesses an option called Showcase Pages, which serve as an extension of your general company profile. Make the most of this opportunity by utilizing a Showcase Page to communicate information about franchise opportunities, connecting with your target audience using a smart, targeted approach.

3. Design a Well-Rounded LinkedIn Company Profile

You never know what part of your company’s profile might establish interest or a connection with a potential franchisee, so it’s critical that you utilize all the available elements of your profile page. Fill out all the applicable sections, including optional areas such as “Volunteer & Causes.”

4. Update Consistently with Relevant Content

A potential franchise sale can be cut short if your page looks abandoned or out of touch, so be sure that relevant, useful posts are regularly shared. A good tactic is to balance the sharing of posts with the creation of new content, establishing an active role that will catch the eye of those considering purchasing a franchise.

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