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How Programmatic TV Ads Can Help Your Business

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While advertising on television is not a new concept by any means, the idea of programmatic TV is making television ad spots more effective. By assessing the value of each segment of TV for demographics, it is possible to place your ads in front of your target audience without any wasted air time.

How It Works

People watching TVIn the past, the majority of TV stations were locally based and operated. The market data provided by those local stations was limited to a few thousand households in the immediate vicinity of the station’s location. Today, with cable subscriptions making up the vast majority of television viewing today, there is far more data available globally. Marketers can now take advantage of market research based on millions of viewers in their target demographic.

In programmatic web advertisements, the data is used to constantly assess and reassess the value of any given advertising slot. As a company, your marketing dollars can be spent to bid on open slots based upon their real return potential.

This concept has now moved into television advertising as Google has expanded their programmatic model to TV ad slots. Instead of paying for a certain time slot for advertising, or paying for a certain quantity of advertising up front, you will set a budget and the software will work to get you the best possible results based on your desired bidding parameters.

Programmatic TV Ads with V Digital Services

Mother and daughter watching TVProgrammatic TV marketing promises to be a highly effective advertising tool and is set for rapid growth in the next few years. It will soon outpace traditional TV ads as companies find that it is more effective at getting their ads into the most valuable slots for their industries based on big data, not just local viewing numbers.

V Digital Services proudly offers programmatic TV marketing for our customers who want to explore the potential of advertising on more screens without going back to the outdated TV advertising methods of the past. Our skilled programmatic marketing experts will help you create quality programmatic TV ads, as well as track all incoming information about ad performance.

Similar to web advertising, programmatic TV ads offer you the ability to test a variety of different ad styles in different markets to see which ones work best or to hit different segments of the market most effectively.

To learn more, contact V Digital Services today to schedule a consultation with one of our Programmatic TV Ads specialists.