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SEO Strategies for Medspas

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Medspas are all the rage these days, and remaining competitive in the beauty industry means you need to have the very best medical spa SEO services possible. There are a few important characteristics of SEO for medspas that stand out from those of other industries.

Here are the important details you need to know.

Use Keywords Effectively

Best SEO Practices for MedspasYou should use major keywords relating to your services in a number of places throughout your website. They should be included in the title and headlines of your blog content, as well as the meta description that appears on the search engine listing.

Don’t Neglect Your Visual Content

In the beauty industry, especially, consumers often look for videos and images that demonstrate the benefits of a particular service or product. If you aren’t using meta tags full of keywords for your videos and images, you could be missing out on one of the most important search tactics for your target base.

Quality over Quantity

Best SEO Practices for MedspasYour patients want to know more than just the description of your services. They want to know why a particular service works and what it will do for their health and well-being. It’s up to you to provide in-depth content that is rich with backlinks to important research and evidence, as well as internal links within your site which explore related subject matter.

Don’t just write fluff. Make your blogs count for your readers by presenting useful information and answering questions they may have.

While we’re talking about content, we should also mention that it’s important to make your content evergreen so consumers can come back to it time and again, and you can keep re-sharing it whenever you want!

Put Yourself on the Map

In order for your SEO to be effective, it needs to reach the people who are most likely to visit your spa. Make sure that your content is geo-specific so that patients can locate you in their immediate area.

Be Super Social

Best SEO Practices for MedspasA trip to the spa has always been something of a social experience, and everybody knows that you want to get good referrals before you schedule an appointment at just any spa. Make it easy for your patients to tag one another and leave reviews on your social media pages. This will help boost your credibility in the industry and provide a simple way for people to share your blogs and web-links with their friends.

These are just four key points for how to improve your medspa’s SEO. V Digital Services specializes in medspa-related content and marketing techniques. To learn more about industry specific SEO services for your medspa, contact us today and speak to one of our content experts.