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What is Call Tracking?

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Call tracking will be your new best friend when it comes to genuinely measuring the success of your marketing efforts. It is not what some people think of as an app you put on your child’s phone to track their calls, but it is instead a different type of technology that we use to help track which calls came from what marketing efforts and use that data to make data drive changes to your marketing campaigns.  

If your business receives calls from your customers before they buy, then our call tracking software will allow us to gather data from the calls on which marketing campaigns or tactics drove the phone call. If a client calls your business using one of the call tracking numbers we set up, we can attribute that call to one of our marketing efforts. This allows us the opportunity to fine-tune the focus of your marketing campaigns–and budget.

Once the client is on the phone with you, depending on your industry, there is an option to record that call so you can analyze who bought, requested a quote, or scheduled an appointment. It’s what we like to call a “conversion”. Knowing this information can help you focus on what is working, increase conversions, drive revenue, and consistently prove ROI. 

Without call tracking, you cannot prove the ROI of the different marketing efforts that drive calls because once the client picks up the phone, the data goes cold.  


How Call Tracking Software Works

We use a cloud-based tracking program to tie a customer who came in from our marketing efforts – Google ads, Facebook Ads, Organic SEO – to a phone call using a unique trackable phone number. This is made possible through a snippet of code placed on your website that instantly replaces your standard phone number with a trackable phone number unique to each type of service.  

For example, if we are running Google Ads for your business and a potential customer clicks on the ad and visits your website, the phone number on your site is instantly replaced with a unique trackable number, allowing us to track that the call came directly from Google Ads. This works the same for Facebook Ads and Organic SEO.  

If a customer visits your website from any other source, they will see your standard phone number and not one of the unique tracking numbers.  

Why You Need Call Tracking

When it comes to making sales, calls can be one of the most important conversions to track – according to Forrester, 84% of marketers say phone calls have higher conversion rates with higher average order value (AOV) than other forms of engagement. Without a call tracking program, it is hard to know how many calls came from your Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads vs. Organic SEO, which means you have an incomplete picture of your ROI.  

Call tracking gives you the data and insights to know how many calls came directly from each marketing strategy. This lets you see your most significant ROI and provides us with the information to make data-driven changes for your campaigns.  


Notifications & Reporting

There is no better way to get to know your customer than through analyzing their journey with you. When you utilize our call tracking program, you will have the option to record calls and receive a weekly call log report. (Unless you are in the medical, financial, or legal industry). These tools will allow you to understand which marketing strategies drove the calls and the opportunity to listen to the calls to track conversion and ROI.  

By opting into record calls, you can QA the calls and analyze who bought, requested a quote, scheduled an appointment, or made a conversion —giving you the insights to analyze your ROI per strategy.  

You will also be given the option to receive a weekly call log report. These weekly emails include data on how many calls were received, were the calls answered, where they came from, and links to listen to the recordings (if you opted in for recordings).  


Contact V Digital Services for Your Call Tracking Needs

Call tracking can help your business prove the ROI of the different marketing strategies you are investing in.  Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to V Digital Services at any time. Cheers to your success! 


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